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First I didn't know where the heck to post this, so if this isn't it, please move to proper place.


Now then I have MICE!!!!! That's just how I feel, so mad and frustrated. I have never had mice before so this is all new to me. So I just found out a few weeks ago and well first off I feel filthy and dirty, which I admit I have let things go since my dad died and can't seem to do things like I did. This whole town has had mice so bad this year, even in fancy homes across town they have been fishing RATS out of the swimming pools and houses...don't know what the deal is, but they have been really bad. So far all I have found have been small mice, but where there is one there is probably 100 and I'm panicking. BUT I got some electronic sound things they're not suppose to like and I got some peppermint oil that they're not suppose to like to smell, I just was able to get some traps that they go in and can't get out and die (because I cannot stand a regular trap and blood), so they go in and get killed and I throw the whole trap away. I can't get poison because of my dog and cats, can't risk that and didn't get the glue strips because I don't want to listen to them cry when they get stuck. I know I'm too tender hearted and that is silly, but I can't help it. So my dog Sadie is absolutely a mouser!!! Who'd a thunk it! She can track them down and catch them , I get her to do all the sniffing and find them for me. Plus the cats have caught about 7. Tonight Sadie was having a fit to get in the back bedroom, where I store supplies and junk. She was crying and biting at a draw in a old chest. I opened it and sure enough everything was shredded and I found 5 little bitty baby rats in the mess. Sadie was having a fit. So instead of killing them I caught them in a box and took them way in the field and threw them out. They are babies they will be food for something or dead by tomorrow I suppose. I mean they were barely walking.


Okay so I said all those silly things to say HELP ME!!!!! Can anyone please give me advice as to how to get rid of these creatures. I know there's more. I will set the traps, but since I've never had mice I don't know how to find them. Everything I read said follow their trail.....what trail??? IDK what that means. They don't leave footprints. I just two days ago figured out what their poop looks like and then I found out they pea on everything and I've just got horror scenarios going on in my mind. So evidently they are in my house, so what do you guys use to get rid of them. I just can't kill them myself. The dogs and cats can, but I can't. I cannot kill anything, even if its something I hate. I just keep thinking about my stuff in the back bedroom and what if they get into it. So far I don't think they have, but how do you protect it?? Guess those little buggers can climb or crawl into everything.


Please when you stop laughing at some of my silly remarks and question, can you please give me some advice.


Thank you.....feeling silly, hopeless, and overwhelmed by these little creatures in Texas!

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Oh Dear. I've never had a mouse so I don't have any good advise. I do know you didn't get them from being dirty! Especially since you said your town was over run with them. The only thing I know is the tracks 'they' are talking about is the droppings.


I'd be the very last one to laugh. I don't think I could kill a mouse either. And I'd never use the glue traps. I think they are cruel even if it is 'just' a mouse. Just my opinion. I'm waaay too soft hearted when it comes to animals too. It's not a good feeling, I know. I sat here all day bawling my eyes out over a puppy who died that I never met. My head is throbbing and my eyes are swollen nearly shut from crying. It isn't funny to be so sensitive toward animals. I suppose it's better than being cruel though. I get where you are coming from. :hug3:


I want vermin gone, not necessarily dead. But, they are dirty filthy disease carrying evil prep eating rodents that need to be dealt with. I'll let others who know what they are talking about help.


I just wanted to say don't feel bad or alone. If a mouse can get in...they will.

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:hug3: NOT laughing. Been there, had to deal with it, and learned to do what needed doing. As you will find a way to do, in your own way.


YOU are not "filthy and dirty" for having mice. Mice happen. They're little creatures of opportunity, finding a way in to steal from you. :o


And ya know what? Having mice move in once helps you take a GOOD look at your resources, your storage methods, your building security, and your own mind-set on how far you will go to protect your home. That's NOT really a bad thing. It can be a wake-up call and a learning experience.


Here are just 2 threads where we've discussed this.







More if you go to the SEARCH box at the top right and type in "mice" :)


One way our church used to deal with them was to fill a rinsed-out plastic gallon milk jug half full of water, then lay something to run from the floor to the hole. (wood is nice, because they don't slip off... tape it near the top.) When there is no water source to access, they will jump in for a drink and can't get out, so they drown. We did that one year in the pole barn, and it was a nice, easy solution. (MUCH better than finding the ones who trapped themselves in a garbage can and then cannibalized each other! <_< ) The whole thing could be tossed if they couldn't be dumped.


But of course they can't have any access to water from another source.


The "trail" usually means where you see poop. And where you figure they are accessing the "pooped-in" area from, like if you know they have to be coming in from under the sink, etc. If they always have new poop under your sink, set the trap there. If you know they have to be running by one specific kitchen door to get in, set one there, in their "trail".


I like this kind of trap. You can find them in smaller packs, and by different makers at a local store.




I like them because -


They are plastic (washable, if necessary).

They are easy to use and easily baited (I use peanut butter).

They are relatively cheap.

You never have to get your hands too near the body. You push on the center piece that's on top, and it releases it like a clothespin.

Most of the time, they don't suffer. It's VERY quick and effective. Only once or twice I would find a mouse caught by a leg, and have to drown him or have DH put him down. And no, I've never seen blood on them. It snaps their neck hard but doesn't cut them.


(Note - you do NOT want this to snap on your finger. Don't ask me how I know. And no, it wasn't a test.... :( )




DH brought these home once, but I never caught even one in them. They'd trip them and run.




It's perfectly fine to put them outside, but understand that they have a place to get in, and some may do that. They will find it.


See if you can find it, too, but often that is nearly impossible, so look, but don't drive yourself nuts over it. Maybe you have a more "mouse - experienced" friend nearby who can help you figure it out.


Hang in there, you're gonna get this taken care of.... :cheer::hug3:

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Also if you can.. get down and check all along your baseboards and doors and cupboards (where pipes come in) etc.. if you fill with a bit of steel wool and that spray in insulation you close an access. They can get in very small spaces (check around the outlets for instance). That way you're preventing access for the future and dealing with the ones that are already there.

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Poor Katz. If you read thru the "Mice hate peppermint" thread, you know I can feel your pain!!! [bTW...the peppermint thing didn't do a thing at my house.] We battled a RAT for 6 wks this fall. :motz_6:


First....if your town's had an invasion....then weather conditions [maybe some other variables] have created this problem. And yes, once you have rodents, the whole house feels contaminated. ICK! And it is contaminated so keep bleaching and sanitizing. They carry disease. Awful....simply AWFUL. I hope you've just got mice and not a rat....which is far, far worse.


Blocking access can be really hard if you have an older home. But it's good to try. For us their 'highway' is the garage door bumper. It doesn't fit tight and then when it was finally fixed..sort of....dang rat chewed the THICK rubber to bits and got himself a highway. Check for that access for sure! Buy lots of steel wool. I've used it for rats (tho they can move the wad and march inside), mice, and for the hole the BATS were getting in.


I set a lot of the regular snap traps. But hate the foulness of dumping dead and resetting the traps constantly. ICK. Buy disposable medical exam gloves.


The absolute BEST TRAP......you don't have to touch any foulness. Spin the bottle trap. It is infinitely usable. Just dump out the water and dead mouse. Rinse, refill with a few inches of water and set up the access board. Can use gloves or a Popsicle stick to smear on more peanut butter as needed. Check frequently and dispose right away. I've caught more mice in this device than any other. I constructed it in about 20 minutes. Easy! It is bloodless and fairly humane.


IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BE HUMANE, don't put in water. But then you MUST check the trap daily. And empty the 'enemy' waaaaaaay far away from your house.....so they can visit someone else's house...them and their gazillion offspring. I DO NOT RECOMMEND MERCY for disease-carrying rodents. :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044:




That's a bunch of videos about this trap. If you don't figure it out...I can give detailed instructions but it's simple. I think I did have a post when I made this a couple years ago????? I LOVE THIS TRAP! Here's one where you can read other folk's reaction and experience with this bucket trap.




Oh...to save your stuff from total chewed destruction...............


Get everything into more durable containers. Metal garbage cans for dog/cat food. Usually 5 gal buckets with gasket lid [or gamma lid] are ok...as long as no food smell is detected. Plastic tote boxes will keep mice out if you're storing papers, clothes, etc. Check the seal and use duct tape or weight down the lid to make it tighter. Don't try with food unless it's air tight packaged inside the tote. If they can't smell food, they don't try hard to get in. But they will destroy EVERYTHING of easy access with their pee/poo and chewing. Forget drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc. They get into the back of the stove. Inside the couch..... Ask me how I know. Love my cat...but now she's OLD. :(


As for tender feelings.....gal, you are at WAR! :darth duck: Take no prisoners. [ok...the babies you set loose would not survive and despite my decades of WAR, the tiny VARMINTS are kinda cute] Must kill in great quantities! EXTERMINATE! [said in the nasal, mechanical voice from the early Dr. Who shows] EXTERMINATE! You must fight for your territory....or leave it to them. :shrug:



Hopefully whatever conditions shifted to cause this rodent plague will shift back. :pray:



MtRider ....I wish you luck. Cats and dog will help to discourage!!! But it sounds like a plague.

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I'm not a bit bashful to "feed them to death". The Homestead was terrifyingly over-run with them when mother passed so we went to WM and bought enough to feed an army...because if you see one you've probably got 100 :-( Normally the "mouse food" causes them to suffocat or something, so they try to go "outside" and that's usually where they die. We found one in the middle of the kitchen floor over there. Old houses are just not mouse proof unless you spend a fortune on sealing up every nook and cranny. When I learned that the reason mice P and poop on everything is because they have no bladder...I became Arnold Swarzneggar!

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That's true. They don't have a bladder so they pee pretty much all of the time...everywhere. And you usually can't see it.


If I had mice in the house I'd probably toughen up. A lot. Their disease factor is frightening. Only thing I've ever had in here was a squirrel in the basement. The insulation done him in before I found him. Fortunately, he was stiff as a board and the water guy happened to be here and took care of him. :0327:

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Bats....RATS....hordes of mice....a baby rabbit......striped ground squirrel.....and a mid-west type of blue jay....and our two previous horses have all been in house or basement-garage uninvited.


Horses couldn't get too far in...fortunately cuz grain would have killed them. :0327:


The blue jay who took refuge in our basement, I posted pics here of that one! He followed me up the driveway and inside...during a blizzard. I set out bird seed and water. He kinda made a mess here and there....but almost seemed to be a 'domesticated' bird. Came right in and made himself to home. Smart, considering the weather. But must have blown off course. Not our mountain jay variety. After sun came out in two days, I opened the door and this time, he left. :wave:


A single squirrel? Poor Jeepers is really missing out on a lot of EXCITEMENT in her life. :008Laughing:


No bears, mountain lions [i haven't seen one but that doesn't mean they haven't seen me], coyote packs, wolf, bobcat, wild dog pack.....occasional snake....... :grinning-smiley-044: You just don't know what you're missing.



Not to mention the antics of cat and dog who are allowed here.... :happy0203:



MtRider .....I hate mice and RATS.....and bats had better stay outside eating bugs!

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Nasty, indeed! I have been fighting a ( I hope it is just one) packrat for 3 years. I finally drove it out of the barn by diligently emptying every collection. So now I have found it has moved into the garden building, and already I have removed the collection of acorns, leaves, and this morning... nails, staples, and what ever. I have been dumping it on a brushpile. If it insists on hanging around it an stay there. I had the door closed too tight for the cat to get in. He keeps such creatures in a state of rigor mortis.

But it is imperative that there be no bank accounts for these creatures. Every bucket must be turned upside down,or covered with lid or a bigger bucket turned over it. Empty boxes need to be upside down, nothing turned up that the creatures can get in and hide.

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Yeah, I miss out on all of the fun. :icon19:


Ya know, I do have those ultrasonic things plugged in around the house. I think I have 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs and 2 in the garage. Must have bought a 6 pack. I'm not saying they work. I have no idea. But I have a virgin woods behind me and I've never had a mouse in the house in the 25 years I've lived here. I am careful to keep the doors shut each time I make trips inside like when I'm bringing in groceries etc. especially through the garage. I did have 1 dead mouse on my front porch about 10 years ago. No cats or dogs run free in the neighborhood either. We have hawks and owls in the woods so maybe they are doing rodent control?


You watch, now that I've said that I'll get an infestation.

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Sheeesh, I HOPE NOT, Jeepers!



Pack rats....I much prefer them to the grey-brown version we had this fall. Pack rats can be caught in rat snap traps...cuz they're so curious, they can't leave anything alone!


Rats in general......ICK! ICK! ICK! ICK!


MtRider :baseballbat:

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I have pet rats released by a neighbor. Geeze! Caught 2 and released them in the desert. But, one more has shown itself. Hope the neighbors cat catches it. The dog chases the cat, and the cat chases the rat. * Sigh *. Yes, ick!

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Two mice had a good Christmas.


I stashed some store bought chocolate candy bags in my desk for my 'new' daughter, she has no experience with such, like Lindor (spelling?). They gnawed through the bags and had a good time.


One got caught one in the 'water trap', and I released him in a small osage orange hedge back of the Librum. I do not think he made it as one of the cats watched with great interest, and then 'staked out'. Such big eyes!


The other is good, very small, very dainty with the peanut butter bait in the snap trap. It is apparently too small to get up and into the water trap.


What I do not understand is that with the weather being so mild, why they have 'come in'. Too wet? Today I will go around and try to find how they got in. Then I will bring in one of the mousers. But they did not get all the bags.



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And Jeepers wins the prize! I'm impressed!




Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is also remembered for Mr. Jinks' rhyming but ungrammatical lament, "I hate those meeces to pieces!"





MtRider .....and we're not gonna mention just how OLD that cartoon is.... :whistling:

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