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Hi Everybody



I always read that the older Boy Scout handbooks have a whole lot more information about surviving in the woods and camping than the newer ones. Today I stumbled across a FREE version of the original 1911 handbook (424 pages). It can be printed out.



It appears to have all the original pictures, diagrams and advertisements that were included in the original.








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Wow - interesting find! Thanks! :hug3:


Dover books had a sale that ended yesterday, and I saw this...


The Field and Forest Handy Book

Written by a co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America, this appealing guide introduces the pleasures and challenges of outdoor life. Although it was published a century ago, Daniel C. Beard's book offers timeless tips that show boys and girls how to feel at home in nature. With a cheerful, "can-do" attitude, Beard presents clear directions and simple diagrams for building birdhouses, boats, igloos, and other fun projects, along with numerous helpful tips for campers.

Truly a book for all seasons, The Field and Forest Handy Book begins with the spring and features year-round activities, from constructing kites and rafts to building camp stoves and bobsleds. There's even a chapter on "How to Build Indoor Play Houses, Secret Castles and How to Make Mysterious Chests" for the inevitable rainy days. These activities encourage young people to experience the wonders of nature and foster a sense of self-sufficiency and independence. With this book in hand, they can transform even a small backyard into a land of adventure, with activities that will occupy them for hours and projects that are fun to make, and also produce working results.

Reprint of the Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1906 edition.




So I've got it ordered and can't wait to see what it is.


And apparently this particular book is still on sale.

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Got it into my Kindle. :cheer: Yeah, the old Scouts showed all sorts of woodsman stuff. Modern Scouts show them how to decide which restrooms to use, etc. <_< Survival for the era you live in, I guess.



Thanks, YYY. We don't see you around much anymore!!! Miss ya!


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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