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Wine from Steamed Juice

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Hi Everybody



Two years ago on the recommendation of a couple of people here at Mrs S, I bought a steam juicer. I absolutely love it. Since that time, I have been looking for recipes for making wine out of the juice. I have found very little info about using steamed juice (let alone no recipes) for wine. (I’ve never made wine but think it should be fun).



I just found the following site. It doesn’t tell everything, but it is at least a starting point. This is an old forum and some links may no longer work.



I thought some of you might be interested. See the 4th entry









PS – If any of you know how to make wine from steamed juice, I’d love to see your suggestions and recipes and links. - Thanks

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Yes and no. Our people do not 'do' wine. Beer. But our late mentor's mother did. From scuppernong and muscadine grapes. I distinctly remember the five galleon glass water jugs and vintner traps on top. She used a 'mother' to start fermention of the 'broke' grapes in ceramic crock. She then would strain the juice into the jugs, set the vintner traps, and let it work. No steaming/juicing, but with a mother, that should not be an issue. I also remember a system to make wine from Welchs grape juice, which is steam juiced before freezing.


I would do a google for welch grape juice wine.



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