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Superbug resistance tied to imported meats?


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It's getting harder and harder to find safe food to eat. I'd love to buy the chickens from our farmers market but they cost $10 to $15 a piece. :sigh:

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Agricultural use of antibiotics is by far the greatest threat to us, promoting drug resistance on a grander scale than hospital use. We must get all countries to agree to eliminate colistin and carbapenem antibiotics, in particular, from animal use. They are our last ditch antibiotics at a time when there is little drug development. This, and limiting some types of food imports, will slow the tide of this latest superbug threatening us. Its arrival is inevitable though, given global travel and trade. We’ll just need to keep our finger in the dike for now while hoping that the government will restrict the importation of foods likely to be carriers of this gene, greatly reduce or bar the use of critical antibiotics in agriculture, and will allocate new resources to the development of treatments for these resistant organisms.
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The concluding paragraph from the article. This has been known for decades now. Those of us in the Baby Boom generation or later have never known a world without ANTIBIOTICS. If this continues, we will know this extreme problem again.


Drug research has been severely hampered by the financial climate in recent decades.



It's nearly impossible to raise meat on a commercial basis without heavy use of antibiotics. We've ramped up so much that the family farm with pasture raised pigs, chickens, etc is nearly gone. Profit to stay alive is found in commercial feed operations. The confined chicken story has been told. Confined pigs, etc is also the norm. Just as humans do not do as well.....tend to pass germs frequently while living in close proximity....so do animals. We have both human and livestock in too close proximity......and BOTH are breeding grounds for mutations in microbes.



We don't eat chicken due to DH's allergic reaction to it. But ....to be honest, we just hope for the best and buy the cheapest sale meat that Safeway offers. We do cook thoroughly! It gives a whole new meaning to praying over one's meal, doesn't it?


MtRider :pray:

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And if we are not clear on what trouble this type of antibiotic use is doing......






Course my generation had most of these already...mumps, measles, chicken pox, etc. But it says that immunity decreases over time...do they mean natural immunity from having gone thru the disease or the vaccine immunity? My mom had everything including scarlet fever and small pox! :o Just one generation earlier.....before antibiotics.



MtRider .....brave new world? :behindsofa:

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I was at my local grocery last week and saw ham's on sale for $1.09 per pound. Nice looking hams and large. I started looking them over until I saw the brand name...Smithfield. They are owned by the a China company. I'm glad I didn't even touch them.






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That's what I assumed too, Sass. If you've had small pox, measles, etc...you won't get it again. The vaccines....mebbe, mebbe not.


I've always wondered if some of my mom's small pox immunity could be passed down to me and brother? I can't remember ever reading about it.



So as we eat meat from animals fed antibiotics, we get small doses thru that. And it would be like a person taking only PART of a round of antibiotics.... A LOT of the drug-resistent strains comes from that also. People's poor follow-thru on taking the full round of antibiotics ....makes their body a petri dish for creation of stronger strains of microbes. <_<


MtRider .....Smithfield, huh? :unsure: I reallllly wasn't thinking of basic chicken, pork, etc being imported when we grow food HERE!

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I was at my local grocery last week and saw ham's on sale for $1.09 per pound. Nice looking hams and large. I started looking them over until I saw the brand name...Smithfield. They are owned by the a China company. I'm glad I didn't even touch them.






So - where do we figure out who's still "home grown" and who isn't? Did we cover this here? I forget. :scratchhead: And I'm racing through tonight 'cause I have a lot to do. :(

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Here is the Smithfield sellout link. I don't know if the Chinese just bought the company (name) or if they are actually manufacturing and shipping pork over here.





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I remember we talked about this before but I couldn't find the thread. How about I start a thread...made in America? Doesn't just have to be food.....


GO FOR IT!!!! :cheer:




I'll be gone most of the day, but I'll be back.... :happy0203:

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