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Gonna be an interesting experience...

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So kind of also as a "clutter-clearing", I'm trying to use things from my freezer that really need to be used up.


I make room in the freezer by cooking it, and end up putting some of it back in as cooked, ready-to-reheat leftovers. I also share with our BigDD's family.


So the other day I found a beef roast. A HUGE beef roast that I got on sale for only $1.88 a pound. It was (and still is) completely sealed up to make freezing it safer. I pulled it out today.


The tag says it's a bit over 15 pounds, but I'm not sure what kind of beef roast it is. I'm thawing it in cold water in the sink, still sealed. I don't see any ribs, so I don't think it's a "rib roast". But I guess it could be, with rib bones removed. :shrug:


I'm not babysitting hardly at all these days, so I'll have time to deal with it. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, but I'll get it done... :thumbs:


Anybody have any experience or thoughts? I've been googling stuff, but personal experience is best.






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I'd make roast beast/beef....


Boil the snot out of it, about the time it begins to fall apart, add some onion, mushrooms, and quartered potatoes and continue cooking until potatoes are soft. Or... bake it sealed in foil with onion, celery, carrots, and potatoes, (salt & pepper) for 3-4 hours @ 350*F.

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Or.... slice/dice it into small pieces, sauté in peanut or sesame oil, add quartered onion slices, sliced cabbage, defrosted broccoli, ginger, garlic, & pepper. If you like it hot, add chili oil, cayenne, and/or Sichuan sauce. Serve with fried rice and/or egg drop soup.

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So I thawed it in the refrigerator for 3 days. Glad I wrapped it in an old towel inside a tough plastic bag. There was some blood leakage. :buttercup:


I pulled it out last night to let it come to room temperature overnight.


First thing this morning I cut it in half - no bones. Nice! :thumbs:


I seasoned it and put it in the pre-heated oven in my roaster, uncovered. I baked it for an hour, then I turned the heat up and let it roast for a half hour./ Then I put the lid on it and shut the oven off. When I got back from the store, I checked the temperature. It's fully cooked, by that indication.


I went ahead and started the oven at 250 degrees again, and after it's in another half hour, I'm considering it fully finished. I want to be sure it's really done. It's not drying out, and it looks good.


Glad I have the time at home right now, in poor weather, to work with it. ;)


Should make lots of very good leftovers. :cook:

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DH said it was good. I thought so, too.


And now tomorrow I can slice it up and freeze some of it. :)


My freezer de-cluttering has made more room in there. :cele:

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I want some freezer room! We sold ours before we moved, and while I have ordered a new freezer, we since discovered it is on back order. I want to be able to stock it with seasonal fruit for jams and get bulk meat at good prices ....


ok need to be patient for a little longer :)


oh - and we are getting an upright freezer so that I don't lose things at the bottom!


happy decluttering Cat!

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