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Trouble responding to the Yukon potatoes thread


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Hello Moderators



I started a thread a couple of days ago about canning Yukon potatoes. Yesterday and today, I’ve tried to read the replies. I can get into the thread but I can not see the replies or who they are from or even the post I wrote.



So thank you to those who replied. I’m not ignoring you. I just can not see who you are or what you wrote.






PS: I can see that there are 2 replies

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Can you read these, YYY?


From Ambergris:



Posted 17 February 2016 - 04:59 AM



From WE2




I've pressure canned reds (they're thin skinned also). I use a nice hand held vegetable brush and I scrub them really good with as hot of water as my hands can stand (I use gloves). Then I cut them in about 1 inch chunks. I would NOT even consider water bathing any potatoes. I use the same processing time for them as I do for meats...90 minutes for quarts, 75 minutes for pints. I add 1/8 teaspoon of salt to each jar then add 1/8 teasponn of lemon juice to each pint and 1/4 tsp. of lemon juice to each quart. They turn out really nice and white. Try doing only one batch for your first time. If it works out as good for you and it does for me, then you'll probably want to really start setting some jars back for your pantry :-)



As to why you can't get back in..... I have no idea. I can't see any lock-out. I did a testing 123...which worked. And I was able to get in and copy/quote these for you. :shrug:


MtRider ...moderator but NOT a tech person. :lol:

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See if it improves. I changed one little bitty thing on your profile, to see if that was it. :shrug:


Let me know here if it isn't better/fixed.



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