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I frequently get requests for herbal references and solid compendiums of alternative medicine. This is THE definitive source for creating, using, and understand herbal medicine from the modern master, Dr. Christopher. Referred to me from a student (Thanks Shelby!) some years ago, it has become an active part of my library. Swallow the cost and get it. You won't regret the $60.

School of Natural Healing
by Dr. John R. Christopher


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233 bux now.  :o

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It's $56.31 here and free shipping.  I don't know what edition this is compared to the one Midnightmom linked. 



And through the school itself, it's $79.95.   https://www.christopherpublications.com/SNH.html


Looks like there's a deal where it's part of a bundle, too.    https://www.christopherpublications.com/snhsyllabus.html



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Wow.  that is some high priced books.  I would have to think on that one a bit. But looks to be a load of good info. I think because it is a school book is why price is so high.  No wonder college kids have such high prices to pay for college. 

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