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Alert on soda bottle water storage

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I came back in to pass on an alert from the MCC about using soda bottles for long term water storage. Apparently, the newer pet plastics standards have changed, and are no longer safe for such storage. Leeching. At first I thought this was another urban legend repeat, and swopes poo-poo's, but when the MCC says something, I take it seriously.


I am awaiting the full discussion notes. But if you are storing water this way, heads up!



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Yeah...juice? [my infamous Ocean Spray cranberry juice bottles....]


HOWEVER....I don't store much water in them. Just a few around the kitchen for if the lites go out....


I store a major amount of flour, rice, sugar, salt, B.soda, etc in them.


MtRider ....thanks for passing the data, Sarah. :thumbs:

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What about those Arizona Tea containers? I don't store water in them, but I do used them to carry water in the car with us for the dogs.

Wonder if they would make a good substitute though.

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I have a couple of those skinny water containers for the fridge. I made sure they said 'BPA Free' but I don't know about any other chemicals that they might be made of. Hum.


I don't know about juice type bottles. The contents have an expiration date so are they not manufactured for long term storage? I have no idea. I never noticed if the bottles say BPA free on them. I might be fixated on BPA and not knowing about other things though. Kinda like...I don't know what I don' know.


I don't even know if you can buy juices/teas in glass bottles any more. Everything I buy is in plastic bottles except for the Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino's. Cute little milk type bottles. :D

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I saw a cool large stainless steel bottle, (filled with vodka) and got it, thinking it would be great for a 3 liter water bottle for our outings, and bought it. Poured the vodka into a storage container, for making vanilla or using for an antiseptic, etc. Used the bottle 4 or 5 times before the water started tasting rusty. I even bleached it when I first noticed an 'off taste'. Took a flashlight and looked in to see rust/black corrosion all over the interior. Really?! It was good for vodka, but water corrodes the bottle? * Sigh * Such a disappointment.

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Yuk. I store only dry goods in plastic bottles, thanks for the info tho. New and improved packaging, no doubt....rueful lol

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I have an update. Alert applies only to 2.5 and 3 liter bottles, green. The triangle emblem will have a '0' or a '-' inside. The 'prototype' pellets got into the system accidentally, and are now supposedly, out of the supply system.


Also under the alert are slugs for the injection molding hobbyists and 'saline' bottles. Both have the odd triangle markings. I was surprised at the molding slugs, as I thought all that had been replaced with 3d printing. Supposedly, no triangle marks of other than 1 through 6 are supposed to be in system.


The '0' are water leech. The '-' are sensitive to phosphoric acid and carbonation. Both are intended to be 'bio-degradeable'.


Thats all.



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