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Here too! Garden being tilled Thursday. I work til 6 pm so planting in late afternoon. Been cleaning for a few days. Company (dh's family) coming to visit. I will be working through most of the visit. Glad it is sprung!!!

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We've had hot 70 degrees. We've been down to MINUS 10 degrees several times. Today.....we had 45 minutes of White-Out-BLIZZARD! :frozen: I waited and sure enough, the sun came out. I hurried to sweep a half inch of sticky snow off the porch/stairs. Then turned my truck around so the final rays of sun before it set would melt the snow/ice on the windshield. :rolleyes: Right now we're back to WIND trying to rip everything to pieces!



MtRider ....and that is normal "Springtime in the Rockies" :scratchhead:

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All the 4 inches of wet snow that fell yesterday is gone except for tiny sheltered spots or its all gone by now as it is noon. It is warmer today, still in the 30s, but it gradually warms up ( mostly and nothing dips down to the 20's again so that is helpful. I am watching night time temps forecasted for when it might be wise to actually direct seed some stuff, some place, outside. About the time it will feel pleasant enough to cruise on my scooter is about when it will be warm enough for certain to do that, a couple to three weeks just to be safe. I saw buds on the trees last week so they should be blooming soon too. There are no flowers anywhere in folks yards, like bulbs , that I have seen. ( I have never been in such boring-ly landscaped community before other than desert towns and desert folks still do better! ) I love watching daffodils come up but alas... none to be seen.

It is nice to hear the birds settling with their dusk time chirps outside.


I take joy in these little signs.

I have a set of sprouts, some will go in bread dough to bake, and some are good for salad or sandwiches and wraps.

About ready to go make some yogurt. :)

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Bought another cheapy emergency poncho for the day pack since I usually have it with me when I leave my home. I do have the more solid poncho hanging in a closet but need to move it from that one to a handier spot where I will likely also notice it! It does rain a lot these next few seasons around here, often intermittently but umbrellas are awkward unless its just going from buildings to car and back to a building because of the wind patterns here, they can ruin an inexpensive umbrella in a few heartbeats so I find the poncho is a better idea for me, or if its just sprinkling my new windbreaker ( water resistant and my cabela's ball cap to shield my glasses works just fine for a quick walk someplace) . But the poncho helps when its a steadier rain for sure. I was letting the heavier rain days keep me feeling stuck and I don't want to feel stuck anymore, so the solid, better quality colored ponchos work and eventually I will get a motorcycle type rain suit set too.

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Weather couldn't make up it's mind today :-( Cloudy, then sunny, then a few bare sprinkles, but the wind was aweful! Abby-girl dived into her kennel and huddled down on the paving stoves instead of roaming her yard. When I opened the back door she couldn't get in the house fast enough! LOL The tarp over her "canostoga" kennel along with the metal on the carport roof banging, and other people's trash cans rolling around made her quite ready to "come to Momma"! :24:

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It was in the mid to high 30's but we still got a blast of snow for a bit today. :mornincoffee: I decided to stay in , warm and cozy instead of walk around in the wind.

mostly it will warm up slowly, more each day except some snow days next week....... so much for an early spring? I think our local farmers must be frustrated by now, watching all this. I just want the greenery to start here.......puhleeezeeeeeeeee.

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Sunny but a bit on the chilly side because of the wind. Abby-girl just road around in the back seat of the truck with us most of the day, so she just stuck her brown nose out her side window and enjoyed the fresh air! LOL

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