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Very pretty day...opened the kitchen window over my sink and let the wonderful clean air in! We haven't had to use heat or cool (except our ceiling fans) for quite some time. Don't necessarily have to be "off grid" to be off grid and save money!

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Well, shoot! Just what you need is another project, Annarchy!


I was about to shoot my stupid horse tonite. She's Arabian but doesn't act like it most of the time. But she pitches a hissy when she can't see her 'beloved'. PUL-EEEEZE! You know he's just on the other side of this shed. You can hear him crunching his hay. Now HOLD STILL SO I CAN PUT THIS BLANKET ON YOU....since you're shivering and wet....and since you're tooooo stupid to go into this nice dry shed. And don't STEP on my sore foot/ankle! [which turns out to have a slight sprain/strain and I was wearing Ace wrap and boots that tighten well.] My gosh we "danced" for 15 minutes with her hysterical self. <_< Spare me the theatrics and HOLD STILL!


She has the most PATHETIC whinny. Sounds like a screen door needing oil. Well all that pacing back and forth did warm her up. I finally had to move the hay her "beloved" was munching over so she could SEE him. Then I still was dancing all over trying to cinch up the front with some twine cuz she's such a tiny thing....nothing really fits her. Hope she can keep it on cuz she was initially shivering bad.


I hate these soppy wet spring storms. HARD on the horses [ones that won't USE the shed!]. PLUS.....this one is very very sticky. When snow coats the wires of a fence, you can usually knock one place and it will all fall off. This stuff is sticking ....completely sticking. THAT MEANS....it will stick to trees and additional snow will stick to this snow.... Aiieee! Don't want to lose my furnace/pellet stove. I can deal with losing power for any of the rest of it.


:blink: Tho I should fill up the big water jugs. :bev:



We had a lot come down and melt. Then 2" stuck so far. It stopped snowing right while I was dealing with the Whiney Whinny. That was nice. It's coming down just a bit now. By morning.... :behindsofa:


MtRider :shrug:

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First please go read my Prayer Request in Streams. It's always enlightening to have a REAL LIFE&DEATH problem to set ya back on your heels and take in a new perspective on your own struggles. :pray:


Well.... this is a very dangerous situation all over Colorado. Some parts are having WAY TOO MUCH RAIN = FLOODING. Our eastern plains were plagued with SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS/TORNADOES yesterday....and a few still today. Some blizzard conditions out there today...maybe.


The weather is so varied and patchy in CO. But those of us in higher altitudes are getting a whole heck of a lot of SNOW. Just a half mile from us, our friends do not have the SCREAMING WIND that we have. Our valley funnels the WIND and ....the results today are staggering. :imoksmiley: Literally!


I was trying to shout something to DH and he couldn't hear me -- we were standing 3 feet apart. The heavy snow content + the wind velocity qualifies this as a BLIZZARD in our valley. A ways down the road or over the ridge.....it's merely a terribly bad SNOWSTORM. :shrug: That's the way mountain terrain affects weather.


Our whole immediate area had over a foot of snow by noon today (Sat). A lot more than that by now. I measure on a round picnic table out the back door. It's affected less by wind back there so it's pretty accurate. I haven't tried to clear the back door enough to shove a YARDSTICK [not a 12" ruler] into what looks like a triple-tiered wedding cake. :lol: I'll do that later. But just looking at it from the window.... :sigh: Oye! It's a LOT of snow! We're working on getting 2 FEET. The snow hasn't slacked off at all since I got up this morning. ....my dad is gonna want to move to the TROPICS after this one! :rolleyes:


We had one like this that dropped very nearly THREE FEET on us about 15 years ago. Before we moved into this property, we were in another deadly BLIZZARD. Back in 1998, I think. THIS ONE IS LIKE THOSE. But not everywhere. It's bad enough all over but each region and location between different mountains has it's own unique weather. Our immediate neighborhood just got the ACE in this deal.



I'd be in near panic over the amount of shoveling it will take to clear this.....all the paths to livestock, etc. BUT....I'm really hoping it will mostly melt on it's own. Our pond is still water...not ice. Ground is not frozen. We've got clear/warmer/sunny in the forecast as this system moves outta here. DH tried to shovel just around his truck and found out his back will not take it. So it's just me.

:pray: PLEASE let it melt! :pray:


We've called off the friend who usually would be plowing the three places he handles. Usually he'd be plowing constantly thru this type of storm. But today....he's got a disabled person in a health crisis ...with no reasonable way to get her to hospital. The other factor is the horrific wind at our place. Simply put....it will do no good at all to plow now. If you dig a hole in a snowdrift during blizzard winds.....it's an opportunity for snow to fall into the hole. Fills back in ....within the hour. EVEN driving the short distance over here puts him at risk in these conditions. You can see....but not that far and his truck is white. :grinning-smiley-044: Don't come, I told his wife. Not worth it! We'll have to deal with it....


MtRider ......it is what it is. THANKFUL to have Internet. That wasn't working this AM. We still have power so far. Many do not. :pray:

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Oh my. Stay safe!


I hadn't been out today but around 5:00pm I grabbed my coat and went to run a couple of quick errands. I got out of the Jeep and noticed everyone wearing shorts. I felt like a sore thumb sticking out but I didn't let on. I just looked at the temp on the computer and it's 76 degrees. Guess I was a tad over dressed. Might want to start thinking about storing my winter coat away for the season. I hate to though. It covers a lot of 'flaws'. :rolleyes:

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Snow slacked for a couple hours ....not by much tho. Now...we need to go out for last feeding soon. Don't want to do it in dark. Now....it is REALLLLY SNOWING AND BLOWING AGAIN. :sigh:


Horses need the most care cuz they're so stupid about the nice dry shed. Lots of hay to keep them warm. Straighten Whiney Whinny's coat again.


MtRider ......but we've still got power. Hard wind shakes the excess snow off of pine branches...so they don't break on power lines. :amen:

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Jeepers have you experienced cicadas when they do their thing? I have. First summer I was in the navy, was in NATTC Memphis, TN, the cicadas came on with an incredible never ending raucous noise all day long. I could not handle the noise factor if it was every summer!


It is a good 70 degrees and sunny, bright outside. I decided to ride my wee electric scooter down a road that leads to a road that technically leads to the big pond I wanted to go to. Uh huh. Well..... that road that goes east to the pond...... its way steeper a route than I thought. I was walking up most of it with the scooter lightly throttled to help pull me up the road, lol. Bit of a stiff work out for first thing. Almost to the top and I assumed it was going to lead me to the campground area and fishing areas I was familiar with . Well, evidently it is more complicated , and that 'pond' is way huge!!!!!!!! Way larger than I thought. A nice young couple actually gave me a lift., but they were not from this area, just camped with some friends in more primitive sites , along the western part of this huge pond ( its really a lake, even a good sized lake.) They ended up, in a very round about way getting back on the route road I had thought I would be returning to town on, assumed it was not quite as steep as this first route...... um, nope! In fact its got this great long roller coaster style descent ( in one spot) , coming from the pond, which I did not remember from long ago van rides. It's fine in a car or a motorcycle with brakes, lol, its not ok for that wee scooter. ( electric and lousy brakes) ..... I definitely need to upgrade to something far more road worthy.


The young couple would not take gas money, and kindly dropped me off in my town. They were very nice and it was fun chatting with them.


Ok scratch off more than 23 lb pack and on foot , to go up there. ( Note to self.)


I saw bobcat tracks, yup, verified in my Tom Brown tracking book, near the top of that original part of the road leading to the western part of Lincoln Pond.


It would have been easier to just descend that original road way back to my route road if I had not gotten that nice ride, had I Known it was really some serious miles of back roads the rest of the way. Maps can be deceiving. Ended up much closer to Lake Champlain at one point as we were searching for the state campground I did know.

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ok, the route road I am familiar with that is flatter, south ward of my town does still lead to the trail I am most interested in exploring.

It's supposed to rain sometimes the next two days so probably Tuesday or Wed I can cruise down there. My gosh the road is torn up too, you really have to take your time if you are bicycling. It felt great getting outside, today.

The trail I am thinking of is an easy smooth path all the way up into a canyon area and then it branches off about five-six miles in. At about the three mile mark or less there is a small pond to the north of the trail that is nice to primitive camp at. Its a nice day hike to go there and walk in to the pond and back or walk in to camp overnight and come back the next day. Free. That would be easier than the steep mountain road you have to go over to get to Lincoln Pond.

There is a long creek that goes all the way up to the canyon like area where the trails branch again too. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Both the trail and creek are straight , parallel each other so you can follow either back to to the route road. It's hard to get lost there. So it's a good beginner area to get started again in the out doors. Two higher ridges that keep you in the trail , creek area all along .

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Sass, I'm sure I've been through a cicada summer but I don't ever remember it. Could be interesting. I'm not looking forward to the noise. Hopefully we won't have a real hot summer so I can keep the doors and windows closed with fans going. I hate to run the air conditioner all summer $$$

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Our snow has stopped and SURPRISINGLY, my friend/snowplow guy actually made it to the top of our driveway. Thot he'd just plow down in barnyard cuz the rest is wicked steep and curve and drop-off. He drives up hill then drops the blade and drags layer by layer of snow backwards under the blade. Each time making a little more forward progress. And...he made it to the top! I would have been so verrry PLEASED if he'd just done the barnyard. My legs are still reverberating from the heavy labor of plodding thru knee to hip deep drifts of sticky snow. SO laborious to simply get to the horses first. Then ducks...really deep drift! Then plod back UP hill in that mess. {I'm too old for this!} :0327:


Yea!...the blanket finally stayed on the old horse. She was still doing some light shivering but was dry/warm under her coat. They both were more than ready for food! From walking out my door....clearing snow across porch...down stairs...under porch to get food from inside basement. Then wade thru such deep snow way down to the barnyard and thru to get to the horses.... Took about a half hour! Just to reach them! Ducks were fine but just needed more food. We tend to overfeed except where doing so endangers ....such as grain with horses. Horses can have all the grass hay they want in blizzard conditions. They turn it into heat. We're into our last bale...gotta get a few more before pastures are GREEN.


Sun came out/snow stopped while I was down there. I'd dance but....I'm just too flat-out tired! :faint3: Right now the snow is GREASY! Very, VERY slick. Once it gets towards evening and colder, it will firm up again. It's gonna be a mess but with a few areas of the driveway showing dark dirt...melting should be pretty fast. Taking 2 feet off the top helps too.


Thank you God...and W! Our recovery from this just got a whole lot shorter than I was resigned to.


MtRider :amen:

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Hey, Sass. It sounds like you had a great adventure. So glad those people were kind and you didn't get stranded and completely exhaust yourself to get home. Good idea to know exactly where your exit routes can be. Sounds like a real pretty area that you live in.


Look out tho....cuz this strong low pressure ridge is creeping sideways to the east. I think it's finally going to start to crumple down in a day or two but mid west should get moisture. Probably not so much in snow .....rain is needed in a lot of places I hear.


MtRider :pc_coffee: RESTING!

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Last night Houston To San Antonio, up to 16 to 20 inches rain. My son's inlaws live and work down there so I hope they didnt even try to get to work this morning. It's bad flooding and flash flooding going on and too many water rescues of drivers. Huge mess and homes are being inundated now NW of Houston and the storm is still going on, badly. Hope anyone with friends or relatives or are residents in the area are already on high ground!

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I just saw on the news about Texas. Horrible. I used to live in San Antonio and San Angelo.


It's up to 79 here today. I mowed the lawn and it felt good to be out. I noticed a whole lot of weeds around the shrubs. A lot! I'm tempted to go get two small tree/bush/shrub thingys but I'm thinking we could still get some frost yet. It seems like I remember frost around Mother's Day a few years back. I might be jumping the gun. I don't want to have to buy them twice.

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:( Good heavens! Yes....that's that same MONSTER that was sitting on top of us all weekend. Watch that powerful front as it slowly makes it's way east!!!! It's a very serious system!



And...... hearing about 20" of rain, I'm beginning to be VERY GRATEFUL that we got our portion of moisture from the monster in FEET OF SNOW. Very hard to deal with but ......flooding is far worse!



MtRider ... please keep an eye on this if it's nearing your area....make BIG prep for it! :pray:

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We got a small sprinkling this morning but we're supposed to get more "thunderstorms" (70%) towards evening. We'll be summerizing the travel trailer but the that won't stop that because we'll either be inside the trailer, the man-cave or in the house...and yes, we have a storm cellar there :-)

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I looked up the frost date for my area. It's 5/18. Looks like I'd better wait before I buy any shrubbery.



Edited to add: What did we ever do before the Internet! I'd just stay stoopud I guess.

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:gaah: :gaah: :gaah:




No matter how far east that strong Low is creeping.....it STILL keeps throwing moisture up to CO/WY.


This is getting serious for our shed roofs. Initially the forecast called for sun....which meant the snow should slide off the metal corrugated roofs. But now there is an ice layer underneath...sticking everything. I cannot even get it off my truck topper without a ladder.


I'm so exhausted and in pain I want to walk away and come back in July. :sigh:



MtRider .....can't do this EXTREME stuff anymore.... :smiley_shitfan:

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I looked up the frost date for my area. It's 5/18. Looks like I'd better wait before I buy any shrubbery.



Edited to add: What did we ever do before the Internet! I'd just stay stoopud I guess.


Mother always was said "tax day" or "middle of April" ... and it seems to have always been just about that. We're past our forecasted frost date not by choice, but by rain :-)

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