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Prayer Request for friends/disabled in their care in blizzard

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My good friends care for severely disabled adults in their home. They live up over the ridge from us....half mile. W plows snow from our driveway. Well....today he can't. We called to tell him not to even try....till this quits. With the wind SCREAMING down our valley, we have a much worse situation today than they do...further up a ridge. /But theirs is very bad enough. That's the way it is all over our region.


That's a problem but we're ok. The real problem they face with this type of dangerous to impossible driving conditions is that one of their disabled clients is having health difficulties today. On any other day, they probably would have driven her over to the hospital so skilled docs could fix her feeding tube. And ease other issues that have developed. Even with W snow plowing ahead and N following behind to get to the hospital.....it would be severely dangerous . A good chance of not even being able to get there; might mean getting stranded along the road in THIS! Flight For Life cannot fly in this. Ambulance would face the same impossibility.


So...they are doing all they are trained to do, working with the problems. The most deadly problem is...hopefully not quite 'severe' yet. They are asking for prayer - for a miracle to clear up the two main issues without hospital care being needed. A miracle. If one of the problems completely shuts down, it's deadly in a a few hours.


I'm trying to describe the severity of this and still remain confidential. This dear disabled gal is in trouble and .....stranded by weather. We're all stranded so no one can reach them either. That's the situation until the weather and roads clear. But GOD is right there with her and N/W. God can wave his Almighty Hand over this and heal her.


Pray for N & W to do all they can. Pray for my dear little friend in health distress this day.


MtRider :pray:

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This horrible storm continues to create very dangerous road conditions. They are hoping for Monday. So far the disabled person is doing okay. The one problem has not gone critical. The other problem ....they have a bit of time. We'll see how the roads are tomorrow.


MtRider ....working on FEET of wind-driven snow. Road closures. Fatal accidents. We're a mess! But God is holding on to this situation! :amen:

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Haven't heard this morning but the snow/wind is slacking....at least right now. Folks...we are BURIED right here in this neighborhood. Further away in a town they would have to go thru....even more snow than here. That's one of their difficulties. To invest into this trip and then be stopped somewhere because the road conditions get even worse. And there are small pockets of worse and better EVERYWHERE! There should be more highway reports today. If some major highways are cleared enough to be less risk, I'd imagine they might try today. Plow their own way to a highway....cuz I've not seen a plow go thru here yet. They're counting on Monday if not today.


We are remote but we rarely have this caliber of difficulty. As of last night, N was more confident that our gal was holding okay. Certainly still needs to be seen but the worst of what they feared was still not critical. :amen:


MtRider ......had to lean out the 2nd story window with an extended handle duster. Brushed accumulated snow off the Internet receiver thing so I could get signal. Hey...it worked! :amen:

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Update today.... She's still doing okay. The surgeon needed to fix the gastric tube isn't there until tomorrow. It's a complicated type and not just every doc has the specialty. But they'll be heading out early tomorrow.


I called her as soon as the big county snowplow zoomed down and back on our small, obscure road. Cuz it they've plowed us out, they've already got the main road they'd need to take her in.


N is watching for anything that would mean they must go today, just for life-saving measures. She's actually sitting up next to her bed, monitoring all night. Dozing a little but watching the other issues that this has spawned. So far, N can keep her stable ...and a LOT more comfortable....until tomorrow. Wearing N down with no sleep tho. Hopefully she can nap today. Her dh is just heading home after successfully plowing us out from the deeep snow. He's also trained so he can watch while N sleeps a bit. It's been a tough weekend all the way around!


N says to tell you all thanks soooo much for prayers. If things had gone just a little differently.....well, could have lost her even while trying to drive on risky roads. This....has been hard but she's still stable. :amen:


MtRider :grouphug:

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Got a call from N this morning from the hospital. Their disabled client made it through the tough weekend beautifully. Miraculously. I wish I could reveal just how miraculously this gal got thru.... The specialist they need is in today so they went to hospital in the city very early. Client is resting comfortably, waiting for doc to squeeze in time for her. N and W take turns with her care, even at the hospital. W also plowed out three of us from feet of snow we received, as you all know. N wanted me to thank you all very much for prayer support. This could have gone very seriously and in fact, they labored very hard to keep her as well and comfortable as possible. Continued prayer for this medically-fragile client would still be appreciated. I will add that N/W could use prayer too. They haven't had much sleep and deal with their own issues while still giving out so much to others.


MtRider :grouphug: I thank y'all too!!!! :amen:

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