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Containment - Did Anyone See This??

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Sorry I have been so busy but have hardly been online lately. But I think it was Tuesday night that a new TV series started called "Containment". It is on the CW Network at 9\8 Central time. I had seen the preview while watching "Fear The Walking Dead". Well it started out with a bang and I thought it was very good. I watched it twice and truthfully it made me think about a few things and what I might do. I've attached a link below to where you can watch it online. I hope it comes thru okay, if not go to the site cwtv.com/shows online and it should be there. It was kind of disturbing to me and I've seen pretty much all these shows. I would love to know what you guys think about it.


Here's the link:



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I can't watch it because of "ad-blocker". I really like ad-blocker because I don't get any ad pop-ups but it can be a pain when I do want to watch a site with ads. It can be disabled but I'm not sure how or if I'd have to reload it.


Any who, I have it scheduled on the DVR to watch next time it comes on.

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Okay well the second show came on last night. I really like this show. This has made me me think about situations that could happen from this. You can still watch both episodes on www.cwtv.com for free.

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Will check it out perhaps tomorrow. MrWE2 is watching Amazon Prime movies and I'm in the pc room and it's an ancient 'puter and doesn't like to be bothered much with anything that uses up it's memory sticks :-(

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