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Can anyone give me tips on using the iPod Touch device?


I only use it really when I go out of town and am not near my laptop to check email, etc. :rolleyes: Last time I used it was Oct 2013 ...Darlene's to pick up Koa. So now my email is YEARS behind. I've downloaded the latest iTunes program. [i never use iTunes for anything else...that I'm aware of...except the iPod] I've 'synced' iPod with my updates iTunes program....whatever that does.



Then I tried sending an email to myself....using the iPod. I can't get it to come up on the laptop. The iPod still only shows 2013 email. It twirls around saying it's "checking for mail" but....I think it had a stroke! :0327:


MtRider :sSig_help2: I don't know enough to even take guesses.... :behindsofa:

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For one thing ,you are asking for 3 years of catching up. Mail, updates,etc.

You do have the battery fully charged?

I suggest, if possible, to down load all your email on your laptop to a disc after making sure you have deleted spam. Then delete all your mail. That way your iPod will not have to load 3 years of mail. After you have it going you can reload your email if you need it on your laptop.

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Well....I had the iPod connected to the laptop, charging from there as it syncs.

I have no idea how to download email to my laptop....


This happened once before...and somehow I got to skip up to current email [3 yrs ago]. I forget about the iPod cuz it's just for books or trips. DD's gave it to me long ago. Much harder to read ebooks from that....but handy while waiting at dentist office or something. But....I don't get out much anymore.


Yeah....I think it had a stroke when it saw 3 yrs worth of updating.... I'm not sure what all that updating would do to our Internet usage either...and it's SLOW. Mebbe I should wait to try at my friend's house? If she has higher speed and no limits on usage?


MtRider :sigh:

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