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DWilkerson devotional ...landrace concept

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They like you to go to the site yourself but I'm going to post this cuz a particular part drew my attention this morning.


by Carter Conlon
You and I live in a time of much uncertainty about tomorrow. We do not know what the future holds for America’s economy or that of other nations. You may have a job today, but there is no guarantee that you will still have it next year or even next week. Yet, thank God that we as believers in Christ have been given an incredible promise of provision—particularly in a time when provision seems so scarce. Consider the words of King David in Psalm 37: “I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread” (37:25).
I can personally attest to the truth of this verse, having witnessed the tangible provision of God coming into the lives, families and homes of those who have made the choice to walk in the righteousness of Christ.
Psalm 37 continues, “He is ever merciful, and lends; and his descendants are blessed. Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell forevermore. For the Lord loves justice and does not forsake His saints; they are preserved forever” (37:26-28).
David penned these words during a time of great wickedness. Those who desired to follow God were becoming anxious and perhaps even angry, much like we see happening in our day. Nevertheless, David knew that wickedness always leads to a destructive end, and he encouraged the people of God not to lose heart in the midst of such a difficult season. “I have seen the WICKED in great power, and spreading himself LIKE A NATIVE GREEN TREE. Yet he passed away, and behold, he was no more; indeed I sought him, but he could not be found” (37:35-36). In other words, though the wicked seem to have the upper hand in almost every area, the season of wickedness will soon be over.
David continued, “Mark the blameless man, and observe the upright; for the future of that man is peace. But the transgressors shall be destroyed together; the future of the wicked shall be cut off” (37:37-38).
And so we are reminded that no matter what is happening in the world around us, as we live for God and put our trust in Him, we will find Him to be our strength and our deliverer!
Can't get "quote" to QUIT..... :rolleyes: Anyway....this next quote box is my words..ignore quote box.
BOLD CAPS are mine.
"Wicked seem like a native green tree".....'landrace'. This struck me today Like landrace breeds/species. We at MrsS know this concept. They are plant or animal species that flourish/reporduce with no cultivation, tending, feeding, watering. Just grows....whereas cultivated species will not grow, let alone flourish, without care. [which is of interest to us, PostHooey] Anyway...so....wicked is a default setting and righteousness is a cultivated tree which needs tending? Interesting ramifications, yeah? Ps 37:35-36.
MtRider ....Tend our righteousness.... :amen:
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