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This is probably a very interesting topic for everyone? We watched a youtube video this morning before we left to go shopping from Goat Hollow. He said some pretty interesting things about bartering and perhaps some of our future?

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I'm really good at negotiating prices. Even son and D-ex praise my car and house buying skills.


But I've never bartered much. Only between friends. Like, "Here, you take this and I'll take that and we'll share" sort of thing. I guess I'm not confident about the value of one item/service against another. I think I'm always afraid one of us will feel taken advantage of. Big ticket items like cars and houses aren't personal. Guess I'd better head off to Youtube too...and toughen up.

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To us, bartering is when each party is in agreement and gets what they want. A good example is a year or so ago, MrWE2 wanted a table grinder that was for sale at an open air market. He had a hard plastic truck tool box for sale. Asked the fella to trade and he did. Each man got something they figured they could use more than what they traded off.

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