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Hello everyone. I have been gone a long time. I see a lot of new members.


While I was gone I remarried my ex, lost him to liver failure, and was blessed with a new granddaughter. Life has been challenging but has had more good than bad. My DD is currently in the hospital after having back surgery to repair a fracture inflicted by her ex years ago. It took a long fight with the insurance company to get it approved. We are hopeful her pain will be relieved and she can have a more normal life.


I have concerns about the future of this country. My older son works in the area where the BLM idiots are shutting down roads in Phoenix tomorrow. The businesses in the area are increasing security and closing at 11.


So how is everyone?


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wow Sandra, I hope all of you remain safe. i am still in a small town in upstate ny but have truly vicicous predators around me..... immediate neighbors still ... its not been fun. So am writing my novel..... 900 pages before major editing to downsize it..... but had to get it down initially , set up for major sequels but crosses several genres. Brad Thor can eat his heart out.

will be moving to south central nebraska in fall though, will be able to do real gardening, chickens and such... and yard improvements and get finances settled better and be with good friends and try to improve things for myself more easily....


sort of waiting for all this serious civil unrest to just crack open. others who are tired of all the malarkey of it, and locking and loading. it is just a matter of time now, very little time I am thinking at this stage.

I would rather have it hit while its still a good amount of summer left.

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Welcome back Sandra :cheer:

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