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Christmas Ornament Exchange for 2016

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Think Christmas. It is time to think about our Christmas Ornament Exchange, right, that is just what I said, time to work on our Christmas Ornament Exchange. Please know we need to get them out about the 15 of November or at least before Thanksgiving if we can.


This is the way it works. You sign up here by October 10th, and send a PM me with your names and address. When I have all the names and addresses, I will send you a list of everyone on the list and you will make 1 ornament for each person on this list. In other words, if there are 10 people on the list, you make 10 ornaments, if there are 15 you make 15 and so on. Most of you know how this works. I will try to get the list to you by October 15th or as soon as I get all the names and addresses. This is giving you over 2 months to plan to sign up, but, please don't wait until the last minute. :) Thanks.






Please: If you do NOT intend to make and send ornaments out, do NOT put your name on the list.


Now we will all get started and have fun doing this exchange. I know there are some who look forward to this exchange each year. I know some of you have said you want to join, so looking forward to getting all the names and addresses. :)


Find something you want to make, and get started, as you know there will be people joining this exchange. Please don't wait until the first of November and think about what you want to make, get them done soon.





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I want to join but it'd have to be something flat and light cos postage is terrible. Plus I'm not sure I want to put others through the costs of posting to me.

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Got your addresses, mammato3boys and snapshotmiki.


I understand Christy. Haven't you sent before?? You remember, I did lose all of my ornaments 3 years ago when they were in a storage building and that fire went through and took so much. So, I really can't remember if you did or not. I think there should be pictures of it on here someplace.


You all HAVEABLESSEDDAYTODAY.jpg doghugsforyou.jpg

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Please add me Snow-Mom. Christy, I'm always excited to see if your name is on the list! I'm pretty sure I mailed to you last year, and it was no problem. I'm glad to see Miki join us this year. I think DH enjoys it as much as I do.

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I did participate a few times over the years. So I'm signing up again :)

Miki, I'm at the cabin until half november so any letters will arrive here, just saying. Should the mood take you so, feel free to write (or print in your case) :D

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I just added Trudy, Pauline, and Christy to the list. Glad you are all joining. :)


Trudy, please send me your address so I can put it with the others. :) Thanks.


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Snowmom am I counting correctly 6 not including myself? Hopefully we will have more sign up I am making 10 I just wanted to be sure I had enough supplies.

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I haven't been on for several days, and yes, Trudy, I did get your info. I've been busy all week canning. I know, I do get on Facebook more. :)






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I’m so glad all of you have joined the exchange, I hope we can get another one or two to join in the fun.


So far we have, mammato3boys, snapshot, Pauline, Christy, Trudy, Becca_Anne and myself. This makes 7 of us so far. I don’t think I missed anyone, if I did, please let me know.


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I'm so glad you are joining. :) You make number 8. :)


Ok, do we have someone to make it number 9?



Looking forward to seeing all the new creations. :)


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Time is up for signing up and I will be sending the names and addresses out soon. It may be Saturday, but, it will be soon. :)


There are 8 of us so if you want to get started making the ornaments now is the time. :)


Thank you all for joining the exchange this year.


I'm looking forward to seeing what each one of you make. :)


HAVEANICEDAY2-2.gif hugsChristmas1.gif

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I got a PM from Midnightmom and Imsorry2.jpg to say she will not be able to join us this year after all, maybe next year she will be able to.





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Good morning,


For some reason it won't let me do a new thread and it won't let me use the more reply options to make a reply. :( It won't let me use pictures either. :(


So, if this posts, please post when you send and or receive your Christmas Ornament. :)



I got mine from Snapshotmiki yesterday. Thank you, I love it. :)



:bighug2: Have a GREAT day. :)

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