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If interested, May is having her babies. So far, five boys and one girl. No stillborns. :pray:


The camera angle isn't great this time because of Covid. 


Check out some of the other channels while there. Lots of wildlife to study there.




She just had another little girl while I was posting this.  :cloud9:

Hopefully seven new service dogs to make someone's like easier. Free of charge.


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Sadly we lost their Santa to Covid this year. He was such a sweet man and a great Santa. A few of the dogs have gone to the rainbow bridge along with Mary the donkey. But we have so many new paws stepping up to keep the less mobile people mobile and upright. Blessings.



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Oh, that was WONDERFUL to watch.  Sad tho...that this Santa won't be there this year.  :(   Nor the donkey....who in one pic looked so much like Maggie Mae [tho she was a grey].  I laughed out loud on several of the pics. 


MtRider  ....thanks, Jeepers.   :santa: 

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Just a quick update on some of the Service Dogs. All are doing well although a few have retired. Wendy/Hunter has retired and is now Hunter's pet. Hunter has another Service Dog from Service Dog Project and they are all doing wonderfully. They are in high school now, I think.


Connor is also doing great with his dog. I think they are in middle school now.


Bella and George Are still doing wonderfully. He is probably getting close to retirement age too. I think they are in high school too. 


Funny I keep up with the dogs but not the people.  :grinning-smiley-044: 


My Ethel is still in med school and probably will be until she retires. We have three in law school now and one getting his PhD. Danes only live about 10 years so....


We have a couple on 'Honeymoon Hill' so we anticipate puppies in about 65 days. Another lady is 'engaged' so it won't be long until she marries and goes on her honeymoon. Keeping it all PG. 


We got a video update from Rizz and her person. Person has MS. She took her little grandson out for a walk in his wagon and didn't have the energy to get back home. Here is what happened:


 March 21, 2021 - YouTube


Here she is at work:

Service Dog Rizz Performing Public Access and Mobility Tasks - June 1, 2019 - YouTube



I must be hitting a button on my computer that keeps posting before I'm ready. Second time in a week. :misc-smiley-231:


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I've always been curious about retired German Shepherd military/police dogs. I saw a piece about them about 10 (?) years ago? They were available to purchase from somewhere in TX or OK. When DH croaks, one of these trained dogs will be welcome in my home as protector and companion.  :hi:

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I don't know about any other service dog organizations. I only know about the Service Dog Project. None of their dogs are ever for sale. All are donated free. The recipients sign an agreement that if their dog retires or if the person no longer needs one or dies, the dog is to come back to the farm. Unless they want to keep the dog as a pet. Most do. Only people Carlene knows personally or is a volunteer there can have one of the dogs who isn't service dog material. 


By the way, the service dog of a veteran gets free medical care!

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Might be something for me to think about. Now that I am living alone.  Having another dog would be good.  I was was outside yesterday and my neighbor across the street got another puppy. That makes 2 dogs for them now. The first one is almost 2 years old.  I sort of fell in love with the puppy. Both dogs are labs. But not sure if I would want a lab as they are not the best watch dogs and protectors.  But they are so lovable. I would want to fence in the yard or at least part of the yard for a dog to be able to get outside when I can't take it walking. But that is something to think about at a later time.

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Not a dog, although the size of one of the Danes. 


This little Donklet was born at SDP this morning. Don't know the gender or name yet. She was on live camera but nosy Harley (another donkey) was standing in front of the camera so we didn't get to see until after it was out. Saw it's first little wobbly steps though.  


Yesterday we missed Reese's birthing because she had to go to the hospital for an emergency C-Section. Today we missed Kitty's birthing because of Harley hogging the camera. Not to fear. Sizzle has been on her 'honeymoon' so hopefully in about 65 days we can do it all over again.   



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