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In his defense.....he IS outnumbered! 

"But Mooooom, they all have those sharp little pointy needle things on the end of their fingers. One minute you don't see them and the next minute...BOOM, you've got wild cats hanging off of your skin

Here are 3 of the 12 puppies Mischa had on Thursday. I'll just post three to show the different colors she had this time.The litter theme was Mischa's Musicians.        

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If interested, May is having her babies. So far, five boys and one girl. No stillborns. :pray:


The camera angle isn't great this time because of Covid. 


Check out some of the other channels while there. Lots of wildlife to study there.




She just had another little girl while I was posting this.  :cloud9:

Hopefully seven new service dogs to make someone's like easier. Free of charge.


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