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Most people don't have vision insurance coverage but even if you don't, you may get some help paying for exams with your regular health insurance. If you are diabetic or have a medical eye issue your health insurance may cover part of your exam. Check it out ahead of time and you may save some money.

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Anything to help. All they can say is 'no'.


I wonder...if you have to have eye surgery (like for cataracts) is that covered under health insurance or eye insurance? My eyes are getting old. I might consider eye insurance next sign up time. I do know you can't add it on just anytime. Sigh. I hate Obamacare.



My dentist gives a discount for cash/charge payments. You might have to pay in advance; I don't remember. Since I don't have dental insurance that's all I have anyway.

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Be careful to check how much it costs and what you'd get... even with 3 of us needing glasses it's cheaper to pay out of pocket for every 2 year eye exams and glasses (love zenni optical) than it would be to pay every month for vision coverage.

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