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Fires in California ---- Blue Cut Fire , Hesperia CA

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Just woke up late and was perusing my FB wall..... bam, two urgent posts on the Blue Cut Fire, ends up one female cousin who is a member here but so busy she hasn't posted in a long time.... recently moved to Hesperia from more coastal region, to high desert...

D, our male cousin, our age group, always a dirt bike enthusiast had three kids, C, one of the boys is my sons age group, mid thirties? C has a home there nearby in Hesperia, raised on dirt biking, just placed 10th in Quebec about a week ago , on AMA Grand Prix racing, starting to advance to big time racing now... He looks like some glorious light auburn strawberry headed Viking with his helmet off in champion circles from pics I have seen my cousin post.... handsome , generous , gutsy fellow , determined to do his very best in time... has potential. I have not seen D since we were very young.... was glad to find on FB a while back so we are catching up. D has a home there in Hesperia too. So three cousins , immediately in danger along with Hesperia area. S, D, C.




Well, the fire already got within 2.3 mile of S, our mutual member here, and then D is posting suddenly about C having to scramble clear over on highways to avoid path or rapidly moving fire quite close to where my biggest brother, M lives to get home at all , its gone crazy..... its furious and fast fire.

FD put out nearest flames to my female cousins home and neighborhood but they are all very much in danger... its radical, its high speed , burning fast..... big kudos to firefighters for their efforts but danger level is extremely high and now .

I'm not sure about my biggest brothers home and safety and his community too.... he's had some really bad luck lately and trying to navigate getting disability he's so furious and trying to figure out things but he can not possibly do any of the work he excelled at so long, it hit him so very hard all at once, major stuff that will never recuperate. 3 yrs from early retirement and he was making 100, 000 a year.. makes wise cracks about ending up on medi-cal.. trying to deal with that blow to his ego.... which is part of things especially at first, so accomplished in his career choices but the poor guy called me late the other night trying to figure it all out. I know exactly how he feels, how devastated, but if a fire gets his place too, just now.... he won't be able to handle it just now..... way too fragile with all else.... and I feel so helpless for them all today in immediate, serious danger of fire and he may be next.


Special prayer for peace of mind for my brother too, here... his name is Mike. He's in Yucca Valley or Joshua Tree.CA.... He needs that at least, and he knows to evac but in his mindset just now he would bloody well go try and fight 75 foot flames roaring across the range at his 10 acres and very nice ranch style home and other town homes, all kept up very well, excellent condition, by himself ..... not a good idea. This will break him if he loses that home... I am very worried. He has other things going on regarding our father and the issues there. which I have my own experiences and for the first time told him some of them regarding our dad how I was personally treated and how I kept trying but he never ever tried , and that is why I keep my distance , its this brother that would probably get our dad to realize and while he has tried more with my brothers, more recently only ... well this stuff just has my brother feeling absolutely in anguish, as gruff as he may appear , deep down he really has a heart of gold, he felt terrible about not being able to help me with my situation and I dont want him feeling he has to, now especially with his own precarious situation, so these worries about massive fires raging along would be the icing on the cake.He also is watching FB posts on cousins and friends in that region affected by Blue Cut Fire...

This hits home...

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this was an article when the fire which started just west of Interstate 15, yesterday's posting on this news site. See map for reference points.....Hesperia now involved , just overnight. its moved that fast, i have no idea how many acres currently involved until i do more searches on news i can find done today. Fire moved NE in direction from I15.


See link for map. Yucca Valley , relatively is over east , north of Palm Springs, near 29 Palms, thats one long detour on desert highways for C to get back into Hesperia to get home last night or early this morning...... so evac routes sound like they are in serious peril right around Hesperia at this time.


Hesperia is only around 15 miles NE from I15, but thats huge acreage and it moved fast overnight...





When I lived in Ridgecrest CA I used to drive in some of these areas.

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Tooooo many in CO over the years were caused by STOOOPID or FIRE-FASCINATED or ....possibly......those that would see this country burn. :behindsofa:



MtRider ...Stay safe, Suncat....and your fire-fighting dh too!

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Yeah the fellow who caused the Lower Lake, Lake county fires got caught, he had quite history, 17 fires more recently, smaller, but conditions were really just right for this last one. I hope he gets life in prison for what he has done to so many who truly can't afford their losses. Real sick.

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