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WITH LITTLE WARNING - Top 10 ...kitchen

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I've been thinking of a dishpan, rather wider and shallower than my pressure canner, and so handy for so many things. Soaking. Holding foods waiting to be processed. Everything.


Also, an expanded-metal grill with three-inch or four-inch legs. If not expanded metal, then bars.


And yes, a case of canning jars. Things can be dried on the roof of the car, but they have to be sealed away from the humidity to stay good.

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May we bring electric things?



From post #4 of this thread....this is how I explained the electric things I chose. IF I went BugOut, I'd still like to bring a few electric things in case we had electric somewhere or by using the cigg liter car inverters. .....IF I had room to transport - which we've said is NOT an issue in these listings.




2nd category: KITCHEN "APPLIANCES" ......Not thinking fridge, stove, and kitchen sink... but smaller. What you plan to use in place of the kitchen sink, stove, fridge. And cuz MomM reminded me....I'm putting my grain grinder in this category. ] :thumbs:


1. Family grain grinder .....and it's spare parts.

2. Water bath canner/lid/rack

3. Sherman...the All American pressure canner

4. Inverter (?) device to power A/C small devices from a vehicle. [plugs into cig lighter]

5. I'm going to say bread maker ......because if during any post-hooey I can get access to electric for a short time, I can make bread without tending to it. In a situation that's unceasingly weary, that would help. Also just makes dough.


Pssst.....I would also bring an ice maker but I've never purchased one yet. For keeping ice for ice chest.


6. Ice chest.....largest is our white one, I think.

7. Ice chest ....throwing in the blue one too.

8. Seriously....I've always known I'd want to bring the "kitchen sink" but in this case, it's the laundry tub.





So....answer is yes.... These LISTS can be for SIP too but we're kinda working with a SIP with big chaos in mind. That often includes a loss of the usual electricity. What back-up plan might anyone have? Might even be a SIP but house/electric/plumbing is damaged..... :o


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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I had a real hard time with this one. I’m a gadget girl but not so much appliances. Nearly all of the appliances I do use are electric. So, I’m going to assume I have electricity available to me.

1. Dehydrator Magic Bullet
2. Toaster oven (It’s small and upright)
3. Refrigerator (I do have a table top model. I can carry it!)
4. Ice maker (I do have a table top model. It’s pretty small.)
5. Ice chest (the one with a handle and rolls)
6. Food Saver
7. Food Saver attachments (If I have to pick one; the one that fits my canning jars)
8. Food Saver bags (from Sam's Club = bulk) Magic Bullet Food Saver bags
9. Radio (I do have one in my kitchen) Metal sheet pan Radio Metal sheet pan or radio
10. Can opener (Manual. I can’t work the electric ones)

I rarely use my mixer or blenders. I might trade off the Food Saver Bags for the Magic Bullet though. But probably not. I thought about the microwave. It’s small but I need food to cook in it and pans that aren’t metal so I passed. Oops, I need a metal pan/sheet for the toaster oven. I’m going to let the radio go and add a metal sheet pan. But wait. I think I added a pot to my ‘kitchen’ list so I can use that. I also had the dehydrator listed there so I can scratch that off, put the Food Saver bags back on and add the Magic Bullet. Now I’m rethinking that blasted radio again. I think I’ll save that one for the communications list. Better go with the metal sheet pan. Sigh.

I’m trying not to repeat in the different lists. I’m still saving my Berkey for the water list.

I just noticed there is no communications list. That #$%& radio might make this list after all. There had better be electricity wherever I'm stuck.


I can see that ice maker and mini fridge making me a fortune. Especially with baby foods/formula/milk. No electric...I have plans. Bwaaaa-Ha-Ha.

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