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U.S. Constitution Course (Free)

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In their lecture presentations, Michael Anthony Peroutka and Pastor David Whitney establish the premises for properly understanding the Constitution, by exposing students to the Biblical Worldview of America’s Founders and the writings that influenced them, as well as to their deliberate design of the federal government. By gaining an understanding of the foundational principles and the worldview of America’s founders, students will see that a worldview revolution has occurred which has caused the Constitution to be widely misinterpreted and misunderstood in today’s world. The course concludes with a roadmap for restoration of our Constitutional Republic. While this course is offered to you for free, we will gladly accept a donation!

Attention Students!
Upon completion of this self-taught course, Institute on the Constitution will issue a graduation certificate, with the students name, to the parent of each student who has completed the 12 lecture course. This certificate may be placed in said student’s high school portfolio and will accommodate the mandatory Civics/American Government credit required for graduation.


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