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If you think you will remember everything you put in a glass jar by sight, think again. Sigh. I have a jar of something and I don't know what it is. It is almost full and it is a mixture of something. It looks like mustard seeds and dill seeds but I didn't jar up any of that. It's vacuum sealed so I don't want to open it and smell it until I dig out my sealer to redo it. I'm not sure smelling it will help either. I'm wondering if it could be a sprouting mixture I had. I'm sure at the time I knew I'd remember what it was.


And then I pulled another good one. Last week I took all of my #10 cans of freeze dried meat and put them in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber and stored them in a tote. I really need the room and the bags are so much smaller to store. I was storing the totes away today and noticed I DIDN'T LABEL ANY OF THEM! I thought I was using a magic marker to write on the bags what they were. You can't even see in the bags. I think I can figure out the chicken chunks and beef chunks easy enough but the sausage and hamburger will be a challenge. I think I had one can of ham chunks too.


I can't believe I didn't write on the bags what is in them. They are the small ziploc type bags and at the time I didn't have time to iron them shut so I can reuse them with a new oxy. absorb. but still...twice the work and more air exposure. And trying to figure what is what. :banghead:


I still can't believe I did that. I guess my mind was on going to see my grandbaby but dang. Who in their right mind doesn't label a mylar bag? :hi:

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I find mysteries mostly in the freezer. :scratchhead:


In the fridge....if it's a mystery - THROW IT OUT...AND MEBBE THE CONTAINER TOO! :blink:


But then is the garage/basement space. I try to write on the box on the top and at least one of the sides. The more the better. Cuz while they are in a stack, hopefully ONE of the written sides are showing.


I went thru an era of time when I labeled storage food with a date that was 10 years OLDER than reality. [ in case of a thief: Ooooo...ick! No one wants to eat outdated food.] :yuk: However..... :busted: ......at some point I got mixed up and ditched the idea. And now there is some question as to exactly HOW OLD IS THIS? Sheeesh!




MtRider....hey Jeepers, we can have a contest on who has the weirdest labeling boo-boo. :lol:

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That made me laugh out loud. :24:

I've been known to keep secrets from myself too.


I know I have stuff hidden away so I'd be able to find it later only to discover I have no idea where I put it. Then I have to go out and rebuy it because I can't find it. If I ever get moved I'm sure I'll have a lot of surprises. Hope they are all good ones. I have my doubts though.


I pulled another good one this week. I can't find my cell phone charger and when I went to Indy and back home again, I didn't have any way to call for help. That was dangerous and stupid but I felt like I had to go and didn't have time to search. I still haven't found it but I'll never do that one again. I heard about it too. A couple of times. :motz_6:

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Move over Jeepers. I've put food in mylar bags, sealed them and them realized I had no clue what was in the bags. I had to cut them open & reseal them one at a time. I felt like an idiot.






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You guys are making me feel better. :008Laughing:


At least I didn't ruin the bags. But only because I ran out of time to heat seal them. They don't really need it because they are zip-loc but those come open too easily. Better safe than sorry...should be my motto. I need to order more oxy. absorb.


I'm pretty sure the mystery jar is a sprouting mixture I bought last spring. I found the empty bag with the label that I was going to scan and reduce the size to fit the jar. I smelled the stuff and it was familiar. It's a quart jar almost full. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I never use my cell phone but I take it in the car in case I have a breakdown. At least that is the plan. I usually don't bother around here because there are police and other people everywhere. But on the road...I really should take it. Son offered to charge it but theirs didn't fit mine. I had 'planned' to go to Wal-Mart or Best Buy while I was there but I didn't leave their place all the time I was there except for one time when we went out to dinner and we had the baby and it was raining. I won't do that again. It creeped even me out. Still haven't found the charger.

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Does anyone label those chargers? I've taken to doing that the past couple years. It's saved me a lot of headaches.


MtRider ....WHICH one is the drill and which one is the spot light. :scratchhead:

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I pulled another good one this week. I can't find my cell phone charger and when I went to Indy and back home again, I didn't have any way to call for help. That was dangerous and stupid but I felt like I had to go and didn't have time to search. I still haven't found it but I'll never do that one again. I heard about it too. A couple of times. :motz_6:

DH showed me some chargers at the store that keep a charge for those "emergency" times, and you can recharge them for more usage.

For my little cheap "flip-phone", I just found a charger at the "everything for a dollar" store that works well enough using the cigarette light feature in my car.


But of course the phones all need their own kind. I figure back-ups are too important to ignore. These days I really don't WANT to ask a stranger on the road for help.


And I'm finding that I have to be much more careful to label everything better. I'm careful to label dates & contents for the freezer, but totes and boxes I HAVE to, or I end up searching over & over if I have to find something.


And I gotta keep getting rid of stuff.

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As children, we all played a memory game called "Concentration". Well.....maybe if you're younger, your generation didn't. :unsure: But my generation had a TV game show called the same. Basically...lay out a bunch of cards randomly in rows. All of them have matching twins somewhere in all those face-down cards. First player turns over two cards and if they match, keeps them....and takes another turn. If they don't match, they are flipped back to face-down and the next player, armed with new knowledge of at least two cards, tries.

Eventually it turns from PURE LUCK to a test of GOOD MEMORY. :happy0203:




Fast Forward an unspecified number of decades....yeah, a LOT of decades. :rolleyes: Does anyone else think it's ironic that we're still playing that game ......and that PURE LUCK is more and more the factor we rely on? For instance....


IDENTIFY CONTENTS IN REFRIGERATOR CONTAINERS: "Wait....I need the leftover mushrooms and tomato sauce. Hmm, thot it was in this container....no, this one....well I JUST SAW IT LAST NITE!" :gaah:


MATCHING LOST SOCKS: "Alright! :) I have been loooking for this sock. It's match is.... :shakinghead: ...well, I thot I put that solo sock here! OK, I'll put this solo sock RIGHT HERE so I'll know where it is when I find the other one!" :grinning-smiley-044::008Laughing:



Anyone relate?


MtRider .......being at the point in life where we get WORSE at playing games, instead of better. Hmph!

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I'm still looking for that charger. I have the cheapest Trac-Phone you can get. No bells or whistles on it. All of my family keep trying to get me to buy a new smart phone. D-ex and son both said they would buy me one. That isn't the issue. I don't want one. I don't want the aggravation of trying to figure it out and I do not want another monthly bill. I pay $100.00 once a year and I have more minutes than I could ever use.

I used my DIL's new computer while I was there to order some stuff for the baby and I got so frustrated. It is a touch screen laptop. It was so hard getting used to scrolling on the screen instead of using the mouse. I kept trying to use the mouse and she kept flipping the screen around. And the keyboard was a little different too. Sigh.

I remember the old concentration TV show with Hugh Downs. You had to guess the puzzle while you matched the squares. The puzzle was behind the squares. My son had the card game 'Memory' where you had to match the cards. I think it's still out there. Guess I'll find out in a couple of years. Now you can do those memory games on the computer. I think I had one downloaded so I could play it off line. I should probably be playing it occasionally...ya think!

Yep, I rely on luck too often these days. It's getting to the point that I'm usually very pleasantly surprised by it. It's kind of like that old saying, "We'll be best friends until we're old and senile, then we'll be new best friends" or something like that. I keep finding old things here that seem new to me. Woo-Hoo.

I'm pretty good about refrigerator leftovers. I like leftovers so I eat them up pretty often. I can eat the same thing for a couple of days in a row and not mind. Pffft, living alone, no one knows or cares but me. The bottom of the deep freezer was another issue though. Out of sight, out of mind. Plus it wasn't always easy at 5ft.- 2in. to go digging down into the bottom of the freezing abyss in the basement. I was very thankful to have it but I'd love an upright even if they aren't as energy efficient. With age 'should' come some perks. Should.


I didn't label my chargers. I got some ties to keep them from getting tangled up together though. I figure if they fit, they will work. The last new computer adapter I bought came with all different size heads (suppose that's what they are called) so it will fit different devices that take a round hollow plug-in. It should fit any computer I have. I seem to rely on that "S" word a lot these days too. (should)

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Jeepers, you sound like me! :wub: Cheapest Trac-Phone, and we don't want another monthly bill, either. I like my computer with a mouse and the ease of typing on a keyboard.


I keep trying to purge stuff, because I'm tired of the weight of "STUFF". But it's a slow process these days. Seems like there's always something needing my attention away from what I SHOULD do. :sigh:

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My phone is for when I leave the house. Doesn't hardly work at the house anyway. So I use an AT&T pay as you go phone. In the winter, the $25 lasts me at least the three months the minutes are good. I use more during the summer since I am at the farmers market every Saturday.


We have quite a few different charges around the house. And A/C adapters. I use string tags to label them. Also works to label all the plugs going into the power strip on my computer.

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I found the charger. It was in the bottom of my other suitcase. I'm sure I looked there. :scratchhead:


I do label my plug in cords though. The ones behind the desktop computer and the one behind the TV. There are 5-6 on the power strip behind the TV alone.

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I found the charger. It was in the bottom of my other suitcase. I'm sure I looked there. :scratchhead:





:008Laughing: :008Laughing: :008Laughing:



MtRider ....glad you found it!!!! {can't relate to that at all....nope.....} :rolleyes:

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Most of my cords and chargers are from old electronics that broke or I no longer have. I just keep them incase...I don't know. Maybe something I have breaks down an I won't have to buy a new cord. The things I do have plugged in are now marked though.

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I have a mystery tincture. Sigh. I should be able to tell which one it is by smelling, but I'm ... not so much. sigh.

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:008Laughing:@ Carr.


You'd think some things would be obvious by looking or smelling them. After awhile it doesn't work that way. I think it only works if you already know what it is and then it is familiar.


Of course I can't remember anything anyway. When I was at my son's house the last time we were trying to think of some guys last name that we knew. Blind leading the blind? You betcha. I said it either starts with an F or an S and ends in er. About an hour later son yells out "Brennan" His last name is Brennan. Sigh. So now when someone can't think of something he says "It starts with an F or an S and ends in er. Brat. :24:

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:coffeescreen: Jeepers, BTDT too much. Yesterday I asked my brother if I had sent him a recipe. He said, "No". It has been 2 years since I said I would. :sigh:


I have a few mystery frozen items. I thought I would know what it is, not unless I defrost it. Maybe I should just pitch it. :ashamed0002:

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....ends in 'er'..... :24::coffeescreen:


Can't remember :rolleyes: if I've told y'all about my mom and I. We each have words we can NEVER think of. So when a BLANK space comes into our conversations, we begin to recite the other person's problem words:


coffee table, dutch oven, Finlay (a street), .....um, ....can't remember any more but there is getting to be a BUNCH of them. As you can see, there is no RHYME nor REASON to the words. :shrug:


MtRider :sigh: ya gotta laugh or scream....

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I start going through the alphabet when I can't remember a word. It used to work better than it is now. And you're right Mt. Rider, there is no rhyme or reason to it. I can usually come up with it after awhile though. But I was waaaay off with F,S,er...Brennan. Fisher would have been nice. Maybe I'll change his last name to Fisher. Speaking of fisher...anyone heard from Gofish lately?


Annarchy, I'm the same way. Now I just tell those closest to me to tell me if I've said I'd do something or give them something, to please remind me. I won't get mad or take it as nagging! I just forgot. Son and DIL have a hard time doing that and I understand why so now before I leave their house I say, "Did I say I'd do something or give you something and I forgot?" That way they can make 'suggestions'.

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I keep a sheet of mini lables and a pen in my kitchen drawer to label items tossed in the fridge. It makes things a bit easier.


I completely clean out my deep freezer about every 6-9 months and we eat everything so that I can be sure of proper rotation. If I come across something I'm not sure what is, I still know it is less than 9 months old and I just thaw it out and we have it for dinner one night if it looks ok.

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Our Walmart has some of the battery packs for cell phones and such (you charge them using a micro-USB cable, then plug your USB cable into it to use it - if your phone uses micro-USB, you can use the same cable) on clearance for $6.50, I believe. Amazon has them on lightning deals sometime as well. A 5,000 mAh one works well enough to charge a smart phone once or twice. I keep one in my backpack or purse when I'm running around town, and it's ALWAYS fully charged unless I just used it. If our power goes out, I can still use the phone and the tablet once the laptop is dead and not need to worry about the batteries in them too much.


Oh, and play with your phone, especially if it's a smart phone. Mine (Samsung Galaxy S5) has an Ultra Power Saving Mode. It currently has 59% battery, but if I turn on that mode...the battery will last 7.4 days on standby!

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