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Need some jars?

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I have a friend at the local farmers market who sells canned jams, jellies, and pickles. Well, his wife passed away last year at this time and he is only coming now to sell what he has in stock.


He asked me today if I used quart jars. Well, I use very few and have plenty. He said if I know someone who needs them to give them his phone number.


He has about 5-6 cases of brand new quarts (I think regular mouth) that he will sell for $5.00/case. He says he has total about 300 jars so I am figuring that means over 200 used. If you are interested, pm me and I will give you his phone number.


He is in Byhalia, MS.


BTW. he also has a large stock(about 200 or so) of the large peanut bags. Brand new and he wants to sell them but I don't know what he wants for them. I got one to use to hang onions.

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Good, used as an adjective, noun, or adverb.


Definition=I have almost too many jars now. Key word is "almost". I could get them but I'm concerned if I do I may have to sleep with them & I don't think they would be comfortable to snuggle up to. ;)






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I don't need any quart jars at this time. He might try one of the resale pages on Facebook for that area or craigs list. Just make sure to arrange to meet in a public place for the exchange. Or a yard sale.

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Made a true haul this weekend. Stopped at a yard sale and picked up six cases of quart & pint jars and severa cases of mayo jars (I'll use them for vacuum sealing) for $20 :-) They're dusty and will need a good cleaning but couldn't pass up a deal like that.

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I mentioned craigslist to him. He is not too much on computers (he is 75+) but his son is and I think they will be doing that. He may be selling at First Monday in Ripley, MS to finally get rid of everything canned and I am going to suggest that he at least take the new ones there to maybe sell.


He offered them to me (I don't use quarts) but also a couple of other canned foods vendors at the market. They turned them down. Apparently prefer to pay the much higher price at Wal-Mart.


He and his late wife bought jars by the dozens of cases from the local Fred's. Fred's usually has the best prices around here but the local manager also gave him a better price due to how much they bought at one time.

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