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Hi from down under :)


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Wow - it must have been over 12 months since I posted last. A year ago, I started a job working from home and doing some very long hours. But it has been good. I even had nearly 8 weeks off through the middle of winter.


Life has been so different for us her in NZ. One of the main differences is that in Australia we had been told that my husband would only ever be offered palliative care for the cancer. Here we have been offered a fully funded treatment that should extend his life 2 years past what it would be if he didn't have the treatment. He started last week and at this point has no side effects. We have told him if his hair goes white then we will die it pink :)


Everyone wonders how we will cope, but they don't understand that I have been preparing for this for a while.

I have a pressure canner and know how to use it. So no worries about maintaining a healthy diet.

I work from home so I am able to work flexi hours where needed.

We are about to buy a house and I have plans on how to make it work easily for me. (God is so good, I met a lady and 10 minutes after talking to her, she told me she wants to help us with a deposit for a house so that we can get into our own home!!!!)

We have met a lovely lady on a farm who has so many fruit and nut trees that she wants us to take some of her excess produce.


3rd DD is expecting her 3rd baby she has a boy and girl and this one will be a boy. We do miss them being so far away.


So moving has been so good to us. We know we are in the right place for us.







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Wonderful news, SueC!

I am in the middle of the trip with my son ,moving from upstate NY where the fall colors on the trees are amazing right now, to Nebraska, about central midwest, to live near good friends finally. I look forward to it!

My son is a pretty cool guy. He is coming down with a bug. I may be driving tomorrow at the rate of how he is being knocked for a loop right now.

MY DGS is doing great , now 15 months.

My DIL is due again in March, a baby girl.

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Even though we are in the cooler part of New Zealand, we dont get fall colours :( - I was so disappointed to find that out. The winds blow the leaves off the trees before they have a chance to colour.


Our friend is still discovering what is on her property. there are 40 heritage apple trees, 3-4 plum trees, walnut, pecan and hazelnut trees that she has identified. and dozens more that she has not yet identified. Being part of a farm, the trees are mainly mature trees.


And I do miss you all. Life just got so busy for a while and I dicovered that I had Hashimotos diesease early in the year, so just didn't have the energy to do much at all.

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