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As some of you know I have have back problems for years. I have learned to live with the pain until now. For 43 years I have had back pain mainly on my left side. Now I have pain on my right side. I've been through traction, therapy, surgery, etc. I've worked, played (within limits), and lived the best I could.


This new twist has really gotten me down. Some days it's all I can do to function. It's a new place for me to have pain and I don't like it. My doctor recommended aqua therapy and it was okay but I saw no benefits. The pain got too great and I had to stop.


I went and had an MRI last week and I'm waiting to go see an neurosurgeon for an evaluation when they call me. I have no doubt they are going to want to do surgery and I'm just not comfortable with that at this time. I can still walk and drive which was something I could not do before I had surgery back in 1987.


The point of this post is to let everyone know that there are days when I don't post anything due to what is going on. This means I have to play catch up and I don't like that. Bear with me if you can. I'll keep going until I get to the point it's too painful to sit and type as which point I will let you know.








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Oh John, I'm so sorry you are in such constant pain. That really makes me sad to hear.


Hopefully the tests will be able to pinpoint the problem and will be able to help. I know surgery is the last thing you want to consider (it would be for me too) but back surgery has come along way. They can do it with a tiny incision and use lasers, assuming that is an option in your specific case.


Do not worry about posting the recalls. We all really rely on them BUT your health and comfort must come first. You are valued here for more than the information you give us!


Sending you healing :pray: and gentle :hug3:




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Thanks for the prayers,they are welcomed.


And now for more news...


I went to my urologist yesterday & he informed me I have blood in my urine. He said he could be a stone that is up high, a bladder tumor, or the cancer is back. I go the first of December for ultrasound and test.


I'm wondering if this is what is causing my back pain.






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Thanks for the prayers! :bighug2:


I have not heard from the neurosurgeon that I was to be referred to so I called my doctor's office. I was told no one told anyone about the referral. So they said they would call & then call me back which they did. Now I have to wait 89 more days to see this person. I was told the date could change & I would be notified if it does. And some people wonder why folks don't like the health care in this country.






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That's terrible. Three months is unacceptable. I can remember when we thought three weeks to see a doctor was outrageous. Looks like we are all suffering the effects of socialized medicine. Hope there is a cancellation so you can get in sooner! :pray:

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I got a call from my doctor and he said the MRI shows two pinched nerves and the disc are pretty much shot. He apologized for me having to wait until February 15, 2017 to be able to see a neurosurgeon. So, I'm on steroids for 10 days to help reduce swelling and more pain meds. Me thinks this is going to be a long road, and one I really don't want to go down.


Thanks you all for the prayers and well wishes.






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Steroids = double edged sword. Nasty stuff but a Godsend when you need them. My DIL has to take them for her arthritis. Sorry she has to take them but I've seen her when she is off of them. She can barely move around without pain. *On steroids she can move around as well as I do and without the pain. I sure hope they help you too!


*Not that I move around all that great.

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