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Been a while, but I'm back ^_^

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Hi everybody! Years ago, I used to post here kinda regularly (as Zophiel), then I moved into a new house and got really bsy for a while, during which time my email was hacked and some other things happened. I've joined some local groups where I'm suddenly the person everyone turns to for guidance, and so many times, I've responded starting "Well, I remember when I was active on a forum of really smart people, and they would. . . "


So I finally got my crap together, and re-signed up, because I keep falling back to all the things I learned from you bunch, and it would be good to be back in contact again!


Glad to be back with y'all!!!

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:balloons: ZOPHIEL!!!!!! :balloons:


We have all wondered where you went off to.....and if you were ok. You had gotten into the new house and had lots of plans to turn it as urban prepping as you could. Loved meeting you at Darlene's.


So glad you're doing well and ....yeah, here we all are. Not everyone is posting. But some of us certainly keep the lights on. :band2:


MtRider :hug3: Welcome home!

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I have missed you, and that art deco sort of icon you had.

!! I had totally forgotten that, had to rund a search on my old self to find it!

I might actually go back to that-- I think when I re-registered, it pulled my general Gravatar icon, which is a favorite anime character. But yeah, that icon is pretty cool! :D

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