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Needing Prayer

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Once upon a time, DH and I lived in Duluth.... ...and it was not good. :animal0017:


These past few weeks....it's beginning to feel like Duluth again..... not good. :behindsofa:


We are battling money issues, as always. But that has been exacerbated by all three vehicles breaking down. Every day something new or just continuing an old problem. We've been switching vehicles and trying to get the dead ones outta the driveway so the live one(s) can jump dead one or just be able to get out to the road. [one-lane driveway and no go-around]


Of course we've been physically pushing to get our hay to our shed and dozens of other fall chores. [winter cometh...indeed is late, thankfully!] We're not young any more and both have health issues.


But.....yesterday I began to notice something serious.

-DH nearly backed into me as I was reaching for my cane in the back of his truck. Didn't know I was there.

-Then a few hours later, he leaped out from behind my truck when I didn't know he was there. He saw back-up light go on. [course the truck died and wouldn't move anyway...but still...]

-THEN this morning we were both going to run our vehicles up the hill. He motioned for me to go but I hesitated cuz he was the one in motion. Then he jumped forward. Had I gone, we would have smashed his truck and my van together. He said I signaled him to go....but I hadn't even moved. I hadn't figured out WHAT he was doing. :shakinghead:



Friends....this is getting dangerous. We are SERIOUSLY tired.


It's a brain drain to work this Chinese puzzle of which vehicle is running and is sitting where and is blocking what??? AND WHICH vehicle did I leave my [keys, gloves, coat, walking cane, etc] in this time??? :scratchhead:



We need prayer for protection. For communication clarity! For mercy with these vehicle problems! For restful sleep when we lay down at night. :pray:



MtRider :imoksmiley::blink:

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Dear friend you have come to the right place for prayers. We have some mighty strong prayer warriors here. Praying for your health and safety right now. And will add one for your vehicles too. Will be keeping you close to my heart.



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Yeah...sleeping is a big deal. Can easily get "too tired to ACHIEVE sleep." [serotonin levels get too low] Nearly got to sleep last nite at a decent time [for our schedule] but....then a sudden headache crashed in. I sat the bed up and read for a while and it went away. Got to sleep after 4AM. <_< Woke at 11:30AM. Rested till evening.


I'm pleased that I was able to balance which activities we should join with my folks and niece/her friend....and which to sit out. My mom had a great time with the gals yesterday and today. My dad sat out most of the ones we did. It was a very good visit. :balloons: They have an early flight tomorrow.



......still must work on those vehicles and hauling hay. And now recovery from the visit activities. And life in general.


MtRider ....thanks for prayers. Didn't get stepped on yesterday! :amen:

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Thank you all for prayers. The last 3 nites I've slept pretty good. Woke feeling like I fell down a mountain side tho. DH adjusted me but still feel sore all over. :scratchhead: It's been too many days to be related to my fall backwards with the hay....or the mix-up with the ninny horse. Dunno.


DH stayed home today...called off work. He had headache last nite which usually means his immune system is kicking up. I've been battling headaches for 3 days. .....hope we're both not getting sick.


MtRider :pray:

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