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Group hug...


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I just want to say thank you to all of you, and offer a great big group hug. :grouphug:


This past election season was brutal, and filled with all kinds of crazy.


But I was glad to see that we, as a group, did not get sucked into the dirt. At least here we seemed to be careful and didn't open that box, at least not often, or much.


Part of it is that most of us are more quiet here, of course. But I've seen a lot here over the many years.


I love you all. :wub:

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What's done is done. We have to support the new administration and pray hard that they make wise decisions.


After living in dozens of countries and witnessing their corrupt govts and continued atrocities , there's no place like home. :wave:

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True that. So many with differing opinions. Only one thing remains through it all... God is in control! It is all within His will.


Continuing to pray for our world..... God knows.


Big hug to all. (My phone doesn't let me see the smile icons, still need to learn the codes like Mt_Rider has). Double hugs! :amen:

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