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Old Man Winter Cometh


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Bouncing aroung here in temps. Warm days and cool nights...we usually have this for October and November. But...it makes nice for working outside at the homestead house...ie...hauling leaves to garden area and hopefully, get the game camera's up and running. I'm still hanging the laundry in the emclosed back porch though, don't have to worry about any surprise weather changes. I just leave them on the hangers (I put everything on hangers...2 pairs of socks to a hanger...etc.) and when they're dry into the house they go to be put away.

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Turn a wrong turn leaving Carlsbad, NM, yesterday (or, rather, I forgot to tell hubby to turn because he asked me where we were eating dinner and I started looking for places I could eat). Ended up going straight down to Van Horn, TX, hitting the edge of the Guadalupe National Forest. Hubby commented that there were lots more bugs out than is usual for this time of year. I don't know if they'd had a hard freeze yet, but I bet it's coming.


Yesterday's high was 62. Today's is 66. Wednesday's is 51, and Thursday's is 39. Our lows are scheduled to hit 22 on Friday, but they'll be below freezing from Wednesday to Sunday.


ETA: Allergies seem worse this year (especially in Abilene). I'm arguing against a pending sinus infection (which I always get this time of year).

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The storm that came through brought several days of off and on rain, much needed, and cooler temperatures. Forecast is calling for freeze warnings the end of this week.


Today, this morning, it is in the 40's to low 50's, clear skies and warming up.

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So far holding at sunny 20 degrees. Been dipping way down to single digits for nite lows.


That is supposed to be changing late tonite as Canada lends up some of their frigid air. But we're on the border so ....who knows. High in altitude usually means we get COLDER. :frozen:


MtRider ....some nasty rumor about 3-7" of snow :sigh:

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I spoke too soon yesterday. Clear skies lasted a couple of hours early in the morning, then turned cloudy the rest of the day. The same thing seems to be happening today.


Low 50's and so humid there is dew on everything. Feels so wonderful, we do not get much humidity.


I am concerned tho. My pomegranate tree is beginning to bud already. Winter is not over, cold/freezing weather is forecasted. Hoping that does not kill it. Maybe it will make it stronger. :shrug:

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It smells so different with humidity too, huh Annarchy?


Today was formerly sunny and mild. Progressively darkening. Not just increasing clouds but the clouds are dark blue! Ominous feeling. :behindsofa: It's possible we won't get the brunt of this weather system. Well, we'll probably be one of the COLDEST places around by tomorrow night. :frozen: But I hope we don't get much snow. I greatly fear subzero temperatures. So dangerous that you just canNOT make any mistakes. But snow is just a killer now that we're older. Auugh!


Bags of pellets....check!

Back up Buddy Heater and propane bottles ...check!

2.5 vehicles in running condition in case we'd have to EVAC [if lost electric, we'd have not-enough heat].....check!

Water poured in case....check!

Dog food/cat food/horse-goat-duck food/straw layered thick..... check!

People supplies .....check!


MtRider :hidingsmile:

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Ack! This IMPENDING DOOM is a named Winter Storm.....Helena.





Snowfall amounts will be measured in multiple feet in the Sierra of California, and well over a foot is likely through early Friday in the Wasatch and Rockies of Colorado and far southern Wyoming.

Adjacent low elevations of the Great Basin are likely to pick up at least 3 inches of snow.


Oh-no-they-did-NOT-predict-THAT! :pout:


Y'all in Nashville, Atlanta and Raleigh ...and other parts south ...... :unsure: .....are you watching this storm? Cuz those cities are named in this site.


The Jet Stream is dipping waaaaay low for this one, folks. Everyone needs to keep an eye on Winter Storm HELENA.


MtRider ....had my eye on this for days now and ...predictions are getting worse! :frozen::runcirclsmiley2::frozen:

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It finally got cold here. Hope it stays that way now so the temp won't be fluctuating. It kills the arthritis in my neck which sets off other aches and pains. Not that I like the cold. It's just the back and forth that gets me.


It's 17 degrees here now with flurries.

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Brrrrrrr, that sounds cold. I took a close up pic of MIL's hedge with snow and icicles, last year, and have it as my desktop. It makes me think of you all.





It is lightly overcast this morning, in the 50's. Looks like heavy clouds over the distant mountains to the north.



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Woke to sunshine.....a tear in the clouds. It didn't last. That produced our HIGH .....2 degrees ABOVE.


It's 4pm and 8 degrees BELOW.


Working on the 4th inch of snow.....so that's not as bad as it could have been. Course it's still snowing....... :unsure:


MtRider ....not fun to do WINTER STORMS when one of us is sick.....DH can't do half of what he normally does...so I'm doing more. :imoksmiley:

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Yesterday was 2 ABOVE due to a splash of sunshine.

Low last nite that we saw was 22 BELOW


But we have blue skies, sunshine and thermometer is climbing up to 17 ABOVE at 11am.





Due to the severe cold, the furnace ran all nite despite leaving the pellet stove running too. Always stirs the dust and gives me a WHOPPER of a headache. OW! Just getting it to fade slowly down now. If I turned suddenly, I'd get DIZZY and feel like throwing up. Just another reason to hate subzero weather.


MtRider :wave: Good Riddance to that weather!

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Our high is 27 today. Left a faucet dripping and the cabinets open in the one place where water is up against the outside of the house. I went to the grocery store just a bit ago. They had, yet again, left their sprinklers on when it was freezing.

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It's only 5 2 degrees here. I need to go start the lawn mower tomorrow. I started it on Jan. 1st. and all was well. I want to keep it that way too.


Hope everyone stays as warm and snuggly as this pile full of puppies.


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Aaaand we're in the SUBZEROS again. MINUS 15 at 9:30pm.....


Took me nearly all day to shake the affects of the headache. Now we'll have the furnace going all nite again tonite. Costs in propane and ....my poor head! Blech! Hope this is the last frigid cold nite for a while.



On an odd note.....DH found the ducks had laid TWO eggs during this COLD.COLD.COLD night. :scratchhead: First ones they've laid for 2 months....and they begin on a subzero nite??? Of course they'd stepped and cracked one. The other one froze solid in the cold ---- the eggs crack length-wise if they completely freeze. Not around the middle as when we crack eggs for breakfast. Anyway...contaminated and can't use. But..... :) ....we will have fresh eggs again soon. Store eggs are pale and fragile and .....not fresh.


MtRider ...hope y'all are surviving your turn with Winter Storm Helena. :pray:

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