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Old Man Winter Cometh


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Brrrr. Still cold here. Last night when I went to bed it was 8 degrees. Today the high got up to 9. Woo-hoo, maybe it's a spring thaw. But it's only 7:30 pm now so maybe not. :happy0203:


The snow last night didn't amount to much. The wind blew most of it around. It looked worse than it was. I have errands to run tomorrow that involves actually getting out of the car numerous times. I'm not looking forward to that. I'm going to make a detailed list so I don't forget any stops.

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MACH 5 WINDY ....late last nite it began....thru the nite....thru the morning. Then THANKFULLY it quit. Chinook [meaning snow-eater....warm wind]



We're still trying to catch a mild weather - NO SNOW day to have Christmas. ...and not on a work day for DH.


MtRider ..... :gaah: They said Tues was gonna be NICE! Then they change it..... :offtobed:

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Nearly total cloud cover all day. Late last nite/early AM ...we had TERRRRRIBLE WINDS. I think it was Mach 6!!!! :behindsofa: By morning it was merely windy.


Then I'm reading where today... over East/Central CO: Front Range of the Rockies....Colorado Springs, etc. ,... had so much WIND damage today. Didn't find anything under Denver weather having WIND. More south, I guess? Anyway, trees down all over. Snapped off half way down the trunk. Highest gusts in the realm of a Cat. 2 Hurricane -- 110 mph! :faint3: Yanno...short of tornadoes, inland CO doesn't have hurricane-force winds! :o They took all big surface vehicles like semi trucks and vans off the roads. They even canceled school bus service for the afternoon. :blink: I've never heard of that before. They mentioned Shelter-In-Place for several places like schools and military bases.


{Sheeeeesh! Glad we didn't get THAT on my mountain!}




So tonite late....just as DH came home from work (with a few bags of groceries from this week's sale) I opened the front door and WHAAA..? And inch of fluffy snow and more coming down fast! Faster than I could sweep the stairs! He said the last 5 gravel road miles were WHITEOUT conditions. He drove very slow and tried to keep in the middle of the road. Could not see at all! Sheeesh! They did not predict this!



MtRider ....can we be done with winter yet? :gaah:

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We are having a terrible wind storm tonight. It's really scary out there. I'm always fearful that one of the trees in the back woods will come down. If one of them does it will fall on the house. It's 47 degrees and raining sideways. Rotten night with no sleeping here but the basement is ready. :pray:

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It actually hit 79 degrees one day! We are expecting snow Thursday night... bottom area of the storm Quid ( ?) South central Nebraska.

Its predicted by weather.com though. It will warm back up.

( not really warm though, but still, 60s some days. Really weird.

Ive got relatives and friends keeping an eye on all the storms in California. Well, hoping some of those reservoirs are starting to be restored now.

Some literally overflowed, Central valley is a mess. Even San Jose flooded, still flooding.

Lots of snow in Sierras.

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Weird weather this year.

I agree. We've had more rain here than we have had in the last 10 years.


It rained - sprinkled yesterday evening and through the night. Mid 50's at night and 70's during the day.

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The day after we broke our heat record we had 29 degrees and snow flurries. It still hasn't warmed up much since then. It's 32 degrees here today and flurries again. I hate it when spring teases like that. It gets ones hopes up.

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We're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow night. A lot will depend on which way the wind blows. Lake effect snow can be fickle.


I'm going to go out tonight and get a few more groceries. I was going to go tomorrow any way. Might as well get it over and done with now. I just need some perishables like bread, milk and some fresh fruit that I used up because I was gone for a week. I still have plenty of firewood inside so I'm set.

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It's starting to get nasty out there now. It's snowing with little ice pellets in it. I went to the store to stock up on some perishables etc. I wanted. The stores shelves were looking mighty bare. Last week the wind knocked out the electricity here for a couple of days so some people might be thinking about that. I hope.

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