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To let everyone know I will MIA for awhile.


My wife was carjacked in our driveway last night by two thugs. One was armed and pulled the pistol on her. He tried to force her into the trunk and she refused so he punched her and knocked her to the ground. She screamed for me and I flew out the door as they were backing out of the driveway. I started for the car thinking it had somehow gotten away from her and rolled over her. She yelled and told me they had a gun so I went back to cover my wife.


She said she was okay so i ran into the house to get my phone and called the police. They were there within 5 minutes. I had grabbed a blanket to put over her as it is cold out now. The police helped get her up and into the house where they took the report. An investigator came out and took his report also.


They said the city, county, and state police are looking for the car but as of right now we have not heard anything back. I have been up for 27 1/2 hours so far and still have a long way to go. I have to change the locks on the doors, go to the bank because her debit card was in the car, and call the insurance company.


She has quite a bit if skin torn from each knee and her left ankle is swollen and hurts her a lot. She already had a doctor appointment set for in the morning so we will get her checked out really well.


I think the scum bags are from the neighborhood and watched her leave the house by herself and waited by the neighbors bushes until she came back because she said they were at the car door before she even opened the door.


She is trying to get a bit of rest right now but her pain is quite high and the ice pack really isn't helping much. I'm concerned to leave her while I go get the locks in an hour and a half and I have no one t call to come over. I will be leaving a "few other friends" right next to her in case they are needed.


Ladies & guys also, please pay attention at all times when leaving anywhere and it is dark. Thugs like this will take advantage of every thing they can to get the upper hand on you and you may not be as lucky as my wife.


I am asking for prayers that Mrs. Wormie will heal quickly and the fear she is feeling in her heart will quickly go away.


I hear Samson barking so I need to go make a round. Sorry for the rambling.






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So sorry this happened to Mrs. Wormie. We pray that God will ease her pain and also give her that peace that passeth all understanding. Prayers for you also Wormie for strength to handle the situation. Our world is full of chaos, but there's a better day acoming...

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Pray for blessings, comfort and protection for both of you. Imagine it may take her some time to adjust to going anywhere alone; it would me.


Take care of yourself, too.

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Oh Wormie! My mouth is hanging open in shock! I just want to give you and your poor wife a big hug and wish I could make it all go away.


Thanking God she refused and was not forced into the trunk. Good thinking! Folks....NEVER comply with something like that....even at gunpoint. It just doesn't end well. Oh heavens......


I'm thanking God and Darlene I have Koa. I'm alone so much out here but I carry and have a very big dog at my side nearly 24/7. My usual worry is the big predators around here....the ones on FOUR LEGS. But this IS a good wake-up call. In our ever-increasingly tense and crazy world, thank you for taking time right now to warn us, Wormie!


God, please hold Wormie and his dear wife close. Calm them with Your inexplicable PEACE. We're all thanking You for the protection last nite...when things could have turned out so much worse. Help them to focus on that gift and heal them from the horror of this experience. Protect them as the authorities search for their vehicle and those that did this horrible crime. Let them sleep deeply and without nightmares.


MtRider :pray:

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Oh Dear. My heart just dropped when I read the title. I read to the end with tears in my eyes. I'm beyond sorry that that happened to Mrs. Wormie. The both of you must have been so terrified. I'm really left speechless. Sending prayers of healing for both her body and her mind.


I know this isn't about me but just yesterday I left the Jeep running, purse inside and the door open while I ran back in the house to grab my glasses. It was still in the garage but that would have been a perfect place (not out in the open) for the same thing to happen to me. With all of my heart I'm so very sorry that happened to Mrs. Wormie but thank you Mr. Wormie for helping me see the error of my ways and alerting all of us.


Please let Mrs. Wormie know that there are hundreds of us out here praying for her and genuinely caring about her! She may not post here but she is still one of our own.

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Wow! I hear about that happening but never thought it would happen to someone I knew! I'm so sorry and will be praying for your both! So glad it was not worse! Please keep us updated (when you can and after you sleep) about how your wife is doing! I bet we will all be a little more alert now!

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Praying here, too , for you both. I hope her ankle will heal well. whatever is the injury. I am so sorry this happened. Very disconcerting. Yep, doesn't seem to matter where we live , either.

Big reminder.

Was sitting here reading rebel stories on kindle lately, about folks being hunted down for not conforming and going to the camps set up after big disasters/ depopulation epidemics that shut down every thing aaaaaaaandd while trying to adjust to a totally new to me town and house, where I am alone.

Went to store and meant to go to post office but they evidently have very short hours here.... well, okay, see em in the morning I guess!

Got home....... and someone pulled in to see if I was home. Inch of snow told the tale..... No idea who...... and they didnt just pull out the circle driveway, and everyone who lives around here knows it's there, did a Y turn out....... um...... what the heck? Made me nervous. Didn't leave a note as to who they were inside back porch because I Lock the inside door.


I was here all day before that so ...... is my place being watched? Good question.

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What an ordeal for both of you, but God's goodness sure kept Mrs alert enough to know not to get in that trunk, no matter what. Your ordeal is truly a reminder for all of us, especially women who drive alone at any time. This time of year is especially dangerous. Wasn't but a couple of years ago we had a "back door" incident that a couple of 12'ers solved. I say that only to say this ... it takes awhile to get oversomething like this. We still always look out the door window before we ever open the door now, and we always let Abby "do her thing" so they know we/or me are not alone and I never open the door if I'm here alone or if I don't know them. I just wave them away and say "My dog bites!" and drop the curtain and step quickly away...just in case they would have a weapon. One of our "12'rs" sits beside our bed too :-)

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I'm late in seeing this, but very sorry to hear about this happening to ya'll. I hope your wife is ok and that they catch these guys.

Prayers for you both.

Good reminder to always remain vigilant. I just took a self defense class a couple of weeks ago. I'm going back next week to get my permit to carry a baton too. That will be in addition to my CC.

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Training is a VERY good prep, Daelith! Keep reviewing what you learn in your mind....and physically practice too! Creates muscle memory that will trigger when a SITUATION occurs!


MtRider :thumbs::thumbs:

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