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Gardening Must-Read - Herbicide Threat


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Well this sounds alarming! To all of us who try to use natural sources like manure, hay, straw for the compost pile. Or someone doing straw or hay bale gardening.... Gotta read this.


Herb..icide = "plant...killer"


Did you know a lot of hay fields are using an herbicide for "wide leaf" plants. Hay is not wide-leaf but vegetables are.


Straw comes from mostly grains: oats, wheat, rye, etc. Commercial operations use herbicide or other chemicals to get the results they want for the grains. However the stem [that's what straw is..] can have residual content of these chemicals.


AND.......manure.... :sigh: Horse eats hay with residual herbicide. Horse is not a plant so herbicide is "safe" for horse. Manure is the by product of horse eating hay.....and can still contain the herbicide. Composting....does it "cook out" the herbicide? Sounds like probably not. So your wonderful, crumbly black pile of compost might contain enough residual plant-killer chemical to still affect plants.....even after going thru the digestive tract of an herbivore [plant eater] like horse, cow, goat, etc.



Read the whole article and the comments. There is some discussion Yea and Nay.




MtRider :lois::behindsofa: Sheeeeeeeesh!

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That surprised me too.....it goes thru the animal's digestive tract and the composting process. But....what of the animal. DOES it harm them. Does it harm us if we eat beef, etc.?


MtRider <_<

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That surprised me too.....it goes thru the animal's digestive tract and the composting process. But....what of the animal. DOES it harm them. Does it harm us if we eat beef, etc.?


MtRider <_<


....probably the reason for all the recalls......

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Eeeeiuuuuu....nasty thot, huh? :yuk:



Here is another article and comments about NON-Toxic weed killer like vinegar, etc. For small use like yards/gardens.....not big fields like hay or straw.





MtRider ....right now Marjory is sending out daily her most popular articles of the year....so...these are a couple of them. :lois:

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Thought 1. I wonder if Monsanto is out after world food domination? Seriously. They want to be the only ones to be able to grow future food with all of their GMO seeds and herbicides/pesticides.


Thought 2. I wonder if everything ever produced ever really goes away. Take the pesticide issue, Spray the plant, feed the plant to animal, use animal waste on garden, eat the plant, human waste goes to recycle water plant and so on and so on.


Or, we eat the animal that ate the grass that was sprayed for weeds that fed the cows that fed the humans that fertilized the garden that fed the humans that lived in house that Jack Monsanto built.


Not to forget added hormones.


I know... :tinfoilhatsmile:

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I think you're right. Some things naturally break completely down. But chemically made things???


See......there are way too many of us in my generation that are sick before we're 30 ...even earlier. Of the 5 friends who all went K-12 together, I have MS; K ....has cancers and joint replacements; D....was always passing out in school. Heart is some of it. J....had a birth defect which was corrected and is currently the healthiest of us. And our fifth one is heading into ...or is already into ...dementia. :( Our farming community began "chemical farming" in our parents generation. My dad was always obsessively CAREFUL about exposures. Waaaaay before his time on that. Yet...we didn't half know all the ways we were getting exposed anyway. Too many I knew are already dead. Just tooooo much to be a natural thing in our generation. :yar:


I don't know if this is related but ....of the 5 of us, three had their own child... ONE child [tho one certainly tried for more!] Another two of us adopted 2 kids each. Not passing on the genetics.....


Illness is the big reason DH and I have stepped out of so many "normal" things.....rarely eat fast food [& get sick when I do]. Don't have microwave. Cook from scratch to a great extent. Garden our own when we can. Live in the clear mountain air. I rarely even breathe vehicle exhaust and wow, does it STINK in the city when I do go. Trying to reduce any more exposure to ....anything toxic. Don't think my system can tolerate more.


MtRider :behindsofa:

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I suspect a lot of the same things, but I don't have the energy to cook much from scratch or grow food. I know a lot of it is due to diet, and I tend to be a canary in a coal mine when it comes to cleaning products (I use vinegar or soap for most things and Simple Green). I need to figure out a good dish soap recipe that will actually clean grease.

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If the straw bales I have been buying are tainted with poison, my hens are affected and their eggs...

When I clean out their coop and nesting boxes, I put the soiled straw in the garden and the mulch bin...


If they are tainted, how long will it take for the poison to get out of my soil?

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Annarchy....in the case of the chemicals this is talking about, a test is if any broad leaf plant can grow there. [...broad leaf is not grasses or grains] So if you used mulch on a garden and it wasn't affected, it would seem that the straw is alright.


Unless the hens ate the straw ...tho they pick at it....I'd think the eggs are also ok, even if straw is tainted.


But....the bottom line is, we've filled our world with re-created substances. It's advanced many things but we do not always KNOW what the end results are. :shrug: Where DO all our weird diseases come from?????


MtRider :lois:

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There's so much "run off" from everywhere...even in the country you've got "dirty birds" doing their thing all over, neighbor gardens growing all kinds of weird stuff that find their way to your area...not to mention what falls from the sky. Ya just do the best ya can and ask God to "bless your food".

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