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I'm heading for TX tomorrow. He should meet me Sat/Sun/Mon, depending on traffic.


We have his new water and food dishes, new leash and collar, doggie bed and a fresh bag of food.

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I'm so glad you have heard about him and glad you will be picking him up soon. I'm sure once he gets to your place and settled in he will be a very happy puppy. :)

You have a safe trip.


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I just got the call, he's on his way. The driver says he should make it to Dallas by tomorrow morning, as long as the freezing rain doesn't effect him on the way. He also said he has 3 of his own dogs and the other rescue dog with him. Wow, 5 dogs making the trip. Hoping they stay safe.

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He arrived at 9:30.


He's bigger than the pictures, so far very docile and inquisitive.


I'm going to sleep on the couch in his room tonight with a night light on.

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Please pray for the man who rescued Gunny


He's in the hospital in Dallas, possible small stroke and a high fever.


Now I feel worse....


Terrible thing to happen to such a kind person.

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Made it home safely. A lot of heavy rain. Gunny found the arm rest was a good pillow and passed out for the whole trip- except for the gas break. Dude, who gave him jerky? I had to leave the window open. Pwew!


Got home, GS808 had Grrr on a leash to greet me. I loved on Grrr then let Gunny out. Grrr freaked out and "grrrred" rather aggressively until Gunny laid down and went belly up. A few minutes later they were playing and figuring out who is the boss. I'm sure it is going to take a couple of days. Grrr is a spoiled Alpha and has never had another dog to interact with. Gunny seems to be a teething puppy. And likes to smell and taste everything. He also appears to have bird dog in him. He has an acute sense of watching all the birds in our yard.


Keeping the gentleman who rescued Gunny, in my prayers. For all he does, he does not deserve to have all this crap happen to him.

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Thank you very much for the prayers. I am sure he is grateful.


Things got worse after being hospitalized. The people who baby sat his 3 dogs didn't want them at their place and have no time either.


Someone else has finally stepped up, to board them until he gets released from the hospital and figures out how to get another form of transportation to get back home. (Ohio). His vehicle is "scrap" according to several of the mechanics.

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Day 1: Got home and introduced Gunny to Grrr. A lot of grrrrring and sniffing, before finally settling down.

Gunny freaked out on my hens and all the birds in the yard. He spent the evening sniffing every single thing in the yard and in the house.

Day 2: Doing the morning chores and the boys seemed to be tolerating each other. This is Grrr's first puppy.

Checking out the neighborhood..


Later in the day, it was time to give him a bath.


Well! He was clean a total of 3 minutes.


By the evening, MY dog is now Gunslinger808's dog. (Alpha).


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He is so darn cute! Their coloring makes them look like brothers. Love the bath pictures. My hound dog used to roll in the grass after a bath too. If I didn't get her outside quick enough she'd roll on the carpet and the side of the couch. Nothing like that wet doggy fragrance wafting through the house. :grinning-smiley-044:

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