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When using google chrome, I get a red page that says this is a deceptive site. It says google safe browsing has determined that there is phishing here and it is unsafe. Microsoft edge goes right in, no problems or messages. Just wondering if anyone else has this happening?! By the way, I don't believe it so here I am. It just started happening tonight.

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MrsS doesn't accept personal financial information. IDK why Chrome would be warning about it. Just another thing to add to my watch list. One theory, we get so many spam registrations daily, maybe it is picking up on that. :scratchhead: I have been trying really hard to keep them cleaned out. :sigh:

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DH had to entirely clean my computer yesterday. So a lot of my short cut things are now missing. Sooooo, when I clicked to get into MrsS this morning, I get a bright red page saying Deceptive site. Options were : Get me outta here or ignore this warning. I clicked "Ignore this warning" and got another page that had an option "This isn't a Deceptive site". I clicked that and ....well, I think something was supposed to load from Mozilla Foxfire but with my laptop heavily protected now....and our constantly-interrupted Internet service....and so it never loaded.


:tapfoot: Otherwise I was gonna tell them the what, why and wherefore about MrsS NOT BEING A DECEPTIVE SITE! :pout:



So it's not just Chrome.



:scratchhead: .....now I think about it, when I had to get to MrsS thru Google, I did run into the problem before. So I've been getting in via an email notification that I had a PM......by passing the warning.



Annarchy....what came first? The chicken or the egg? Are we collecting so many SPAM registrations BECAUSE we're allegedly a "Deceptive Site" or it sit the other way around....or mebbe not related? Too confusing for me :imoksmiley:



MtRider :shrug:

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It may have to do with the fact we are using older software and an older server that needs to be updated. I know the newer software stops a lot of it. :sigh:


I am not sure what is causing MrsS to be considered "deceptive". If anything, we are very free with our information and we do not deceive people.

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A long time ago I was having issues with getting on here but it seemed to just go away on it's own. I'm not having any problems coming on here now but yesterday when I tried to look at Wormies recall list I got the red page. I clicked off and then right back on again with no problem. I only use Internet Explorer for this site.

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I got it again and went thru the "ignore this warning" and "this warning is in error" From that button I got a page to report to Google [i use Foxfire] that this is an erroneous label. I filled that out saying I've been on this site for a decade ....we're NICE people!


Annarchy....they mentioned PHISHING..... I belieive that's what they are warning about. Which we don't/aren't/wouldn't..... HMPH!


I'm still having various terrible trouble with my computer. On MrsS site only, I have lost the R-hand side scroll up/down bar. PG UP and PG DN is kinda working to navigate the pages. So is that just me and my malfunctions or anyone else having THAT trouble???? [inquiring minds want to know!] :scratchhead: Note: I have the up/down scroll bar within this box while I'm typing in a post....just not to go up/down reading the thread.



MtRdier ....this has been a very ROTTEN DAY...everything is malfunctioning, including body movement [fingers typing!!] and brain! :motz_6:

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(09 January 2017 - 09:40 PM) I had the opportunity to tell Firefox that this was NOT a deceptive site, and Mrs came on up without any more ado. I think maybe some of the servers (Firefox, Google etc.) are doing the "false news" stuff themselves?


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I'm at the library. Got the message that it's blocked by the library (which may or may not be related) when I went directly to the new posts link I normally use in Chrome. Opened up Edge, went to MrsSurvival.com, then clicked on forums and logged in - no problem. Went back to Chrome - works just fine now.


Yup, I'm confused.

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I'm not having any problems. That is unusual because I'm usually the first to have computer related problems.


One thing I did notice is there are still a lot of 'guests' here so they are able to get on. The last time there was this sort of problem there were only 5-6 guests and now there are 'teens' of guests listed. Last night there were 20+ some guests on. So lots of people are still getting in. Don't know if that means anything or not.

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: (09 January 2017 - 09:40 PM) I had the opportunity to tell Firefox that this was NOT a deceptive site, and Mrs came on up without any more ado. I think maybe some of the servers (Firefox, Google etc.) are doing the "false news" stuff themselves?


Had to do the same this evening....:-( I'll try Norton Safe Search just for grins.

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Umm... Did we tick somebody off?


The ICSArchive went through this not long after is spun off from the Librum site. I want to say 2014.


Anyone can declare any site is a plisher.


After so many reports, it gets flagged (five in as many months?)(Does not have to be unique reporter).


After so many 'not deceptive site' reports (three per unique sender negative report, so 15 minimum?), the flag comes off. But a few malcontents can 'stack the deck'. In the Archives case, it took one of their UK lawyers making a call to Google, threatening a Denial Of Service case..


Knowing that we do not have the legal resources to have legal talk done, keep reporting as not deceptive, eventually the malcontents will give up. I hope.



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I keep getting it and keep reporting it also. Didn't know that I could click on the X on the red banner across the top of the web site though...may just do that instead for a while. Tonight went ahead and saved the log in site on my favorites bar instead of going to my jump drive. I keep all my shortcuts on my thumb drive...for safe keeping :-)

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