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Hi Everyone,


We are doing the site update.


The process takes time. For now, we will be online while all the files are being transferred to the new server.


I will try to do it as quickly as possible.


God willing, it will go smoothly and quickly.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.




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Yay! I haven't been able to get on for quite some time. I'm able to get on now on my phone. Problem is the print is so hard to see because it's so small. Anyways...hi to everyone and hopefully things will work out. I'd like to be reading in my computer.

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Had issues again tonight...so quit and came back in through IE just fine. Whatsup? I dunno...:-( I saved the new link to my task bar and it worked...one time. Guess Google and Firefox are related?

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MrWE2 worked on the homestead's back roof, putting in new rafter tails (about 6 had rotted) and will hang new face board tomorrow. while he was "up thar" I emptied the last 8 bags of leaves, raked them out and then went to work pulling dried grass from the edges of the raised beds and put it in one of our compost bins...it really needed some brown...peeeuuuu..so I'll give a good roll around the garden area tomorrow after I put the lid back on. We have three so we'll be working on this one and another one that's empty...I hope! The 3rd one should be ready to use...hopefully. Laid some old glass storm window panes down over one of the raised beds to help kill and sterilize the soil. We didn't plant in it last year nor put any new compost & soil in it. I have all the concrete blocks lined around it but we'll have to dig down and even them out. Even found a soggy but green bell pepper...must have been hiding under the plants and then got frozen. Also carried my herb pots to the corner that I plan to put in my herbs. Mr will have to put the racks back on the 4x4's so I can hang my flower pots and humming bird feeders for this year. Busy, busy, busy...but garden time will be here before long! :-)

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I think we hit a glitch moving the site to the new server. Annarchy is working on this and understands better than I do, the details so we'll hang in there until she gets it all handled!


Thanks so much for your patience.

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We're still working on it, or should I say poor Annarchy is dealing with the headache of it all. She had to pay our server people to move the site to the new server because it wasn't working properly when she tried to do it. They've told her 7-10 days they'd have it done. Makes me mad...why pay money if you have to wait so long. Unbelieveable.

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I noticed that the posts I made yesterday aren't showing today. I'm still getting the deceptive site warning too.


Sometimes computers are a real pain. You have my sympathies Annarchy!

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We are working on the warning. What I heard from the server people, Google is doing it to a lot of sites.


Sorry we lost most of your posts, Momo. I couldn't get them copied/pasted before the site was fixed.

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I had to go into my own pc and change the security settings. There was spot that was labeled "deceptive" we site restrictions...had to uncheck it. All works fine now,. I let my Norton 360 handle my stuff...not an internet service provider/searth engine.

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So I clicked on the link that said details ( on the deceptive warning page) and it took me to some random page with links to buy stuff. I got off it immediately. Won't be doing that again. Only way I can access is with my phone. :(

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Explain, please, WE2?


Not sure what system you're running...but on mine...in the "security settings" there was a place that dealt with sites you want to block etc. I think it was there, and it specifically stated "deceptive web sites" and I had to uncheck the box. After that have had absolutely no problems.

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In Google Chrome, I have an option (under the 3 dot menu -> Settings -> Advanced Settings) that says, "Protect you and your device from dangerous sites".


Most browsers should have something similar.


That being said...mine is unchecked, but the library itself blocks MrsS.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just popping in on my phone to say I really miss you guys. Can't get into the forums on any computer (home or library) 😔

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