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Please pray for Old Pine

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I know he hasn't been in here for some time, but, I need you to all pray for Old Pine. He found out he has cancer in his lung and we are doing a lot of traveling now.


I have posted some in the Spa for the past 3 weeks. He will be having the treatments in a town about 60 or so miles from us instead of going to Fargo which is closer to 100 miles for us. We went yesterday and had a port put in and will be going today for some meeting. Tomorrow we have to be there by 8:00 as it sounds like he will start his chemo treatments.


Thank you in advance for prayers.


Have a good day. :bighug2:

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Just a quick up date. He has had 2 rounds of chemo now and we go back in the morning to see the radiologist, then in the afternoon the 3rd round of chemo. Old Pine has not gotten sick at all so far and I think he will make it tomorrow without getting sick too. He felt good enough last night that we went to church even.


We have had very nice traveling weather so far. We have not seen any live deer on the roads, but this afternoon we saw a wolf.


Thank you all for praying. :bighug2: :bighug2: :bighug2:

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Wonderful report! Some people get sick and some don't. That's usually the most dreaded symptom. You might ask if you can have some anti-nausea meds to have at home just incase. I know some places will put it in the port or IV before they do a treatment to help try to block it from starting.


Keeping you both in my prayers! :hug3:

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I want to thank you all for your prayers.
Old Pine is doing very well, he has not been sick at all. He did take one pill as on Saturday morning his stomach felt a bit off.
They do put a couple medications in the IV and that helps a lot, I'm sure.
We go back up tomorrow to get the cat scan and radiation marked so he then will go back on March 15th and start the radiation and have chemo both. The chemo will be 3 days again and the radiation will be either once a day or twice a day. I'm thinking that we may decide on the twice a day so it will only be 15 days rather than the 30 days. This will make less driving and being away from home.
One of our DS is thinking he might be able to come and drive one week and his wife may come a different week so our DD will be able to stay home and do her work rather than have to take so much vacation time. Our other son said he wouldn't be able to come for a week until mid June. But that would help with the June Chemo.
I am going to see if I can get in to see my chiropractor tomorrow afternoon as I am still having problems. It seems to have gone down to my thigh and leg now and not so much in my hip.
I'll try to keep you all informed.

Again we thank you so much for your prayers.

HUGS%20FAITH%20HOPE%20LOVE_zpsudejxmjl.g haveanicedaywithheart.gif

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Snowmom :hug3:


That's how we worked it many years ago with my F-I-L. We didn't live close so I went one week and stayed with them and then the next week my D-ex stayed a week with them. Two of their daughters did the same thing. That way one of the kids (I was like one of their own) was with them all the time without burning out.


M-I-L didn't drive so it really eased her mind to have transportation there. When someone else in the family came to visit F-I-L I'd try to take M-I-L away to Wally World or Dairy Queen or some place she enjoyed. I'm sure the others did too.

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I just saw this, we will be praying too.


We have had good results in that the treatment DH is on has not blasted him with side effects - except for one his is changing colour. But the good news is the cancers in his lung are shrinking. If you need to chat feel free to contact me - we are travelling a similar path but just a little ahead of you.

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I know things have been really different around here and I just haven’t been on line much at all.    

Again I thank you all for praying for us.  

Old Pine is on his next to the last radiation treatment day for now, he goes back 2 times tomorrow and then they will wait for a couple weeks and do 10 days of one a day treatment on his head.     This is a just in case the cancer has moved up there.       He has at least 2 more chemo sessions, one this month starting on the 12th and then again in May.     He is having a bit of difficulty with swallowing as the radiation has thinned part of his esophagus and made it hard on him.    He still has his cough along with all of this.    He isn’t eating to well and they want him to drink 11 – 12 glasses of water or clear liquids a day but, this isn’t happening very often.    He really needs a lot of soft foods and he is getting tired of Yogurt.     

As for me, I am still coughing and all that but, at least I feel I have made a little progress.     I guess this is what so many people have had and are having and it sometimes lasts 4 – 5 weeks.      Our DD has driven him up to his treatments all but one week when our oldest DS was here to do it so she could work.  

Our DDIL will be here next week so she will drive him for the chemo treatments.    She has her check- up in Chicago on Monday the 10th and will come on from there.    She is the one who had cancer about 10 years ago.    Sure doesn’t seem that long ago, but, guess it was someplace between 8 and 10 years.       Things have sure changed since then.    

I will try to let you know how things go after next week.  

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers.

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Round 3 of chemo is over as is the radiation treatments 2 times a day.      He will be going back for 2 weeks of radiation to the head once a day.    These treatments are like a preventive treatment as with small cell cancer it likes to travel fast and one of the first places it would go is to the brain.     We sure don't want that to happen so this is the reason for the head treatments.     These treatments start next week.

Our DDIL  wasn't able to come as she had planned but now is in hopes to come to do the driving one of the two weeks of the radiation treatments.     


I will try to keep you better informed.     For anyone on Facebook I do post in there about the treatments too.   


Again, thank you all for your prayers.     We all can use all the prayers that are being sent.      :)    


HUGS5-1.gif                 HAVEANICEDAYWITHSWANS.gif

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Again I thank you all for your prayers for all of us.    We really need them at this time.    

Old Pine is not wanting to eat or drink much at all and it has been so hard to find something he will eat.   :(      I know he needs his protein and such, but, even DD is not getting him to eat right.       I know to that this is really a struggle for him but, sometimes I really worry about him.   :(  

Just this morning I made him a scrambled egg and a slice of toast, he ate one bit of each and that was it.        They want him to drink at least 10 - 12 glasses of water or clear liquid a day and he hasn't made that goal but once or twice these past couple weeks.       I know he is discouraged by no being able to eat and I keep trying all kinds of foods.

He starts his second round of radiation, the one on his head, today and this will be for two weeks every day.       Then it will be time for chemo again.     After this chemo, they will wait a week or so and then take tests to see how things are doing.      He may need to have more chemo if they don't like what they see.    


Again, THANKYOUCuteDog.jpg    for praying.   


HUGS10-1.jpg              HAVEAWONDERFULDAY2.gif

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