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I suspect it's not that nobody is interested, but more that those of us who've been homeschooling for a long time (I realized the other day that I have 17 YEARS under my belt. That'll make you go :huh: ) don't have as many questions anymore. I mean, I've graduated two, have one who chose to move to the public high school, and so I only have K, 6th and 8th grade right now. Easy peasy, compared to the years when I had 8th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, and K all at once. 


But my 4 year old is a lefty. Because she had to be the challenging one. :lol: So *I'm* learning how to teach *her* to write. It's totally different!

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I think you are correct Babysteps. Many of us here are older with no school age kids or homeschooled kids.


BUT... some of us have new grandchildren that we plan to at least Pre-K at home and will need some a lot of guidance. Mine is only 16 months but I'm already making plans and gathering supplies for when he is 3-4 years old.


My son is a lefty and I didn't really have any issues with teaching him to write. If I remember correctly (he's in his 40's) I just made sure he held the pencil correctly and guided his hand as he would write. At that age, I don't think he realized he was left handed and I was right handed. I just didn't make an issue of it. However, my son and his wife are left handed so the odds are in favor of g'son being a lefty too.


So, someone :hi: may be revisiting this thread.

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:wave:  We're  also homeschooling.  DD is almost 4, so we'll call it preschool.  Most people around here have their kids in "preschool" by the time they are 2.  


My DD is also a lefty, so any advice is appreciated.  She can print the alphabet, her full name and a few other words from memory (including "I love Mama" :cloud9:) .  She likes for me to write things for her to  copy them.   I'm not sure if we shoud continue like that or if I should buy something so she learns to make her letters properly now or if we should wait. 


Jeepers, DD learned her colors by using those jumbo lacing beads (Lehman's sells them; they're made by Holgate Toys in PA).   As she'd put them on the string, I'd say the color.   So we worked on coordination and colors at the same time.  She got the beads a couple years ago and still plays with them.  Today she is stirring the beads in a plastic bucket because she's making soup.  








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Thank you OOTO!  I had planed to go to Lehmans in a week or two to pick up some canning jar lids so I'll see if they still have them. I had forgotten about their toy section. 


I'd like to get g-son in a preschool of some sort before he starts kindergarten (if he goes) even if it's just for a few hours a week. Not to learn anything but for socialization. He will be an only child and he has no cousins or little ones his own age to associate with. Son said he notices other little kids when they are out in public like shopping or a restaurant. I think pre-school for him could be used like a play date. BTW...I'm an only child, son is an only child, DIL is an only child and g-son is an only child...none by choice.


Son and daughter-in-law are older so we are all going to have to rally around and figure this one out. His other grandma is very sweet and we like each other (whew) so that's a plus.  Oh, and she is 70 and this is her only grandchild too.


I just ordered a  CD/DVD Preschool Curriculum Kit ages 3-5 from Preschool Palace . It looked pretty good. It has a daily lesson plan and 910 printable pages so for $29.95 I'm pretty sure it will be worth it. I could have just downloaded it for $19.995 but I want to pass the disk around. And computer crashes...


Sheeesh, I sound like he is my own kid. I still do have to run any ideas I might have by his actual parents LOL.

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