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HP Pavillion with Windows 10

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Should be getting a new one soon.

Any of you tech minded ladies out there can you give me some tips on Windows 10?

Did they sort out glitches?

I am switching from dinosaur versions of the past with Windows being so updated.


Would getting Windows 10 for Dummies book be a good idea ? Those books are pretty straightforward.


I am going to keep it fairly simple for writing and simple business mostly.

Some photos in albums and such, folders, per se. My socializing is minimal.


I may eventually have video capabilities so any good video cams that are not real expensivle, those suggestions are needed too.


Maybe some garden plan software and things like that.


Suggestions on freeware for utilities that are not very complex works for me.

Malware cleaner, discclean , defrag suggestions needed. It has been a while!


I appreciate the help!


Will get word and search for a good printer for it soon too. Maybe March or April. I have 4 books going , 3 need editing, and 1 was..... in progress and my wee tablet ate my word program on it off the desktop and I cant get it back! 400 pages I was transcribing by hand to go too of what I had written....... ugh!

Finally bit the bullet and trying to use my new bank card ..... ugh!

So, easy simple suggestions please....

I will be taking notes!

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Most of the glitches have been worked out of Win 10.


It will automatically do system maintenance, including defragmenting.


DH has a Win 10 desktop and it is pretty straight forward.


You will be learning a completely new operating system. It even took me a while to become accustomed to it. I'm used to my old Apple MacBook and transitioning to his Win 10 has been a major learning experience.


Take your time, and read as many tutorials on your new computer, as possible. That seems to help me. It took me a while to find the "file manager". Win 10 has changed the names of various programs, that are on the older versions.


When you go to save a file, from downloading or something you create, write down exactly where the computer tells you it is going to save it. (I'm still looking for a few files his computer said it saved, somewhere.)


I have not gotten into it very much, it is DH's computer and I get very little time on it. Maybe in the near future, I may transition to one myself.

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I'm going to need a new computer this year and I'm dreading switching to Windows 10 too. I'm not even a little bit computer savvy but I'll tell you what works for me.


I really like the "For Dummies" books. If you don't have a library card yet you might check out Amazon so you can read the table of contents first to get an idea what all they address. There is also a "For Dummies" Windows 10 For Seniors too.




My computer came with Webroot and I've never had any virus issues.

Sometimes I run System Suite to optimize the computer. I bought it but I don't know if it really helps.

Sometimes I run "Defraggler" to defrag my computer. Free


I downloaded Adblock Plus and it really blocks a lot of pop up ads. Free


If CD/DVD capability is important to you, be sure the computer you get has the drive built in. So many of them don't come with them any more.


To Defrag from Windows

Go to "My Computer"

Right click on your main drive. Usually called the "C Drive"

Click on "Properties"

Click on "Tools"

Click on "Defragment Now"

Click on "Defragment Disk"

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the order finally went through. I had to increase my spending limit per day at my new bank. sigh. Question will I have to wait til Monday or Tuesday before it arrives?


I still have to try and dredge up the next scene I had written, which got 'stuck' .... on my wee tablet..... electronics fiascos, they sure are aggravating.

At least I have spare flash drives.

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I just bought a new HP about 6 months ago with Windows 10. I have not had any problems with it and I am not very "techie" so I am glad about that! My model isn't a Pavilion though. I did get a dvd thingie but haven't used it yet. I checked the Dummy book out from the library and it was very informative.


Happy Computing!

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Received book on Windows 10. Waiting for fedex to bring laptop to begin setting it up once charged.

Son was delighted with idea to Skype with DGS and his family, so will hopefully set up video chats. My DGS doesn't know me yet!Long distance chats and fun! ( They won't let him get near their cell phones yet, of course at age 20 months and I don't blame him.)

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The windows 10 book claims windows 10 will not play dvds, so either you buy an external drive for that or use a software and the book reccomends one, due to so much live streaming now going on on the internet.

I will check into this matter soon, but can set up all else easily enough.

I think I may like how it organizes things better, and access points windows 10 uses.

I shall see.

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subscribed to microsoft office 365 personal edition of Office programs. 6.99 per month. Not a bad deal.


We've picked up cards for the year subscription on Amazon for $45 or so when they go on sale. They're usually $60 or so for the year on Amazon.

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