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MrsSurvival 2017 Update Part 2

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Hi folks,


Now that we have successfully moved our whole data base from an antiquated server to an up to date server, it is time to work on the software side of our forum.


I have put in a request with IPBoards to have our forum upgraded to the latest version.


At this point, I do not know when they will get back with me regarding the upgrade. However, that being said, the upgrade may or may not disrupt our board for a period of time. :sorry:


From what I have been reading, the upgrade should get rid of all the warnings and blocking we have been receiving when we try to access MrsSurvival.


:sSig_thankyou: for your patience and understanding in this matter.







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Yay! Thank you, Annarchy! While you're reading this, do you have any idea what's up with Mt. Rider? Will you let us know when the software update is complete or will it be apparent? We all sure appreciate you!!!

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Thanks Miki, but 'meh'.... I do what I can.


IDK much about Mt_Rider. I heard her internet provider charges for their bandwidth, and they were at their limits. Then, that horrible warning page was interfering with her access. But, I haven't heard anything else.


I miss her a lot too. :sigh:

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