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Gotta love homeschool...but crap it won't let me post the photo I wanted. It basically said that schools should tech stuff like changing a tire, able to do taxes, and cook.

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It isn't just you. We2's and I can't post pictures any more either. :(


I agree with being able to do 'real life' stuff. When I went to school (in the 60's. 1960 not 1860 :icon19: ) the girls had to take home ec. and the boys had to take shop. And everyone had to take gym for 4 years; and not together! When my son went to high school everyone, including the boys, had to take a course in life science. I think that's what it was called. One semester of cooking and sewing and one semester of child care and home finances. Or maybe it was a half a semester of each. I don't remember. Anyway, he really learned a lot and he said it was fun.


With plumbers and electricians making over $40.00 an hour I want to make sure my g-son knows how to use a hammer, screwdriver, saw and a pipe wrench. Also, sew on a button, cook for himself, do his own laundry and balance his checkbook.


We talked about homeschooling him just last week. I don't think they are going that route mainly because they have to work and since he will be an only child they want him around a lot of other kids at least for awhile to get him socialized. It will depend on him and what works best for him though. At least they are open to it...sort of. But I sure intend to supplement his education beyond a classroom. I want him to learn cursive writing too, even if the school systems don't think it's important.


Of course he is 'only' my g-son and barely eight months old. His actual mom and dad might have some input too. "Someone" tends to be a little bit Miss Bossy Pants. :hidingsmile:

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Too true, Miss Bossy-pants. Tell your son and DDL that whole "socialization" argument is crap. I hear over and over again and well socialized homeschooled kids are as they interact with ALL ages. There are homeschool co-ops and places like for DGS to meet kids his age all over the joint theses days. The only 2 questions that need be answered are


1) Is it really safe for him to go to ps?


2) what kind of education will he really receive ps?


I hope this helps.

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Thanks Cecilia it does help! A lot to think about and thankfully we still have time, I'd like to move to Indy before he starts school. I want him to go to preschool when he is around 4 yrs. mostly for play time. I need to be over there to make it happen I think. The parents are older and I will have more time. His other grandma is a wonderful lady but even older than I am. The schools are excellent there but I really want him to get a good start. My D-ex said he'd pay for private school if we find a good match for him. It's just so hard when two parents have to work and try to keep up transportation schedules and all of the extras. A lot can happen between now and then though. They may not even be living in the same area. The schools are really great but the high school is big and getting bigger.


My son was an only child and I spent a lot of time with him. I taught him to read before he went to kindergarten. Now I'm not so sure that was a good idea because when he did start school, he was bored stiff and didn't want to sit there while the other kids were being taught. That bad habit followed him for too long. He was tested to skip kindergarten and the only thing that was holding him back was his maturity level. I don't want the same mistakes happening with g-son. That was back in the 70's though and at least we are more aware of what to watch for.

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