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Best Tomato Sauce


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I found this sort of humorous. AOL had the results of an opinion pole. They wanted to know who had the best supermarket tomato sauce. But they posted a picture of home canned tomatoes. :D


A picture tells a thousand words! By the way, Classico was in first place.



AOL Tomatoes.jpg

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Mmmmm.... tomato sauce.


I buy the cheapest cans of tomato sauce.  Then, add a plethora of spices to make it mine, depending on the recipe I am cooking ~ Italian, Mexican, etc.  LOL  

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Ever since I started canning, we can't find a commercial brand spaghetti sauce that we like anymore. We're out so I need to make more this summer. Thankfully still have some canned tomatoes so I can make a sauce and add what I want as far as seasonings.

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Same here Daelith! I thought it was funny that they had a survey of the best store bought tomato sauce and had a picture of home canned sauce. We all know home canned is the best!  :canning:

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