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Strawberry Syrup Recipe

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Hi Ladies,

I need your expert opinions on the recipe for strawberry syrup at this site - http://jamiecooksitup.net/2016/06/how-to-make-canned-strawberry-syrup/

Does this look to be a safe recipe to can? I'm thinking it is since its got the fruit, sugar & lemon juice, but wanted to double check because it is different from the recipe in the Ball Blue book and their web site. Ball calls for corn syrup to be added. I really don't want to put corn syrup in mine. :yuk: Ball also doesn't have the tablespoon of butter, but I figure that for the foam.


Would ya'll use this recipe?  

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Yes, I would. Corn syrup would make the texture thicker, leaving it out would be OK.  The sugar will thicken things.  Butter amt is too small to change anything.   What you are doing is in essence a thin jelly, so go for it.

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