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duck egg problem

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WE have two female ducks. One is a Khaki Campbell and the other a White Pekin.

The Pekin is a great layer with solid eggs but the Khaki at least once a week will produce an egg with a thin poorly formed shell. While this can be common at the start of the egg laying season it's still continuing weeks later. 

Anyone have some advice about this problem?

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Hmmm....I've had Khaki Campbells for years and years.  They DO lay odd eggs now and then.  Because we usually have 6-10 laying, I've never figured out if it's one female or all of them taking turns.  :scratchhead:  I've gotten the thin shell and try to carefully wash it/use it.  If any egg cracks before washing, I consider it contaminated and throw it.  I've gotten ones that have a furry-looking  small grey spot on the yolk too.  Those I throw.  I've done research and have never found answers.  Please do let me know if you find anything. 


One thing concerning shells....do you have a feed mix that has enough calcium, etc for the shell?  We provide crushed oyster shell in a separate container.  Their option if they want/need it.  We've never provided grit....being in the ROCKY Mts....lots of natural grit. 


MtRider  ...sometimes there are mysteries but that's a lot of eggs lost if you only have 2 laying... 

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We also have 12 chickens. The ducks and chickens are DH's pets. I think ducks are messy and if it were up to me we'd only have up to 3-4 chickens. Although duck eggs make wonderful noodles and I use them a lot in baking, for me they have a texture I don't like when I fry them. Right now we are getting 5 dozen eggs a week and that's a lot of eggs for the 3 people still in the house and DD2 will be done with high school in a month and she will be leaving the nest next. I share eggs with a friend that has 6 kids.  Her guys love boiled duck eggs as a snack.

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Yes, the duck and goose eggs have a proportionately larger yolk.  Makes them great for baking.  :yum3:  Only time we buy chicken eggs from store is if we run out ....and that only happens after the ducks are in their 4th, 5th, and 6th years of laying.  Yet this year, they're laying pretty good right now.  Less as the fall/winter comes.  Usually we have one or two 5 gal. buckets of eggs in "waterglass" to get thru winter when they take a break to moult and such.   Now ours are 4 and 5 yrs old so they're doing ok. 


MtRider  :cook:  ...noodles, huh?  Have to try that!



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Water foul...er, fowl.  :)  They certainly are!!! 


We had Muscovies.  Pretty.  That turkey-like red, warty face, not withstanding.  Their feathers are glistening white, iridescent black with gorgeous green tint.  All different color designs.......and THAT might be unfortunate if you'd like them for a meat bird.  Different markings mean they get names like Green Wing or White Top or Speckles.  :busted:    For us it turned out, we didn't get a chance to butcher any of them.  :motz_6:  The coyotes did it for us!  Dumb things were supposed to be able to fly...at least the lighter females.  Evidently not. 


For a strictly egg layer, the Campbells [in any color] are a small, slim bird and produce at their peak...about 300 - 330 eggs/year.   And that's up here with darkness and below zero night temperatures.  We do keep a light on in duckhouse in winter....heat and light for egg laying. 


We had a couple Indian Runner ducks ...a more upright body and yes, they run faster than the usual waddle.  Egg production about the same as our Khaki Campbells.


Bright orange or florescent orange yolks!  It IS harder to scramble the yolk with the whites......yolks are more cohesive than the easily broken yolks of store-bought chicken eggs. 


MtRider ... 9 happy ducks...one happy drake on the pond!  Especially now that we're getting rain and not snow. 



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