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You can need your preparedness articles at any time.  Just ask the people in Shelby County (Memphis), Tennessee.  They had thunderstorms over the weekend.  Unfortunately, the storms came with high winds.  At last report, over 70,000 homes/businesses had no power.  At first it was 180,000 houses/businesses.  Some will not get power for a week.  This is just in Shelby County, other counties were also affected.


These people are all upset and ill prepared.  The newspaper website and the television stations (not a lot of help if you don't have power) are talking about where businesses are open and where get to food and where to get your electronic devices charged.   LARGE trees are down.  Sometimes through the middle of houses. 


And the Red Cross is there.  They have ONE shelter for the entire county.  Hint:  over 500,000 people. 


We are about 35 miles from Memphis.  We got some wind and some rain (2 1/4") and quite a bit of lightning/thunder but no damage.  Our power was out along with most of the area served by our co-op.  It was overnight and back on in 6 hours.


You just never know.



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Oh yikes.  Whole lotta hurt going on there!  :pray: 


Even with preps....if a big ole oak tree goes thru your roof, you're going to be hoping your neighbors are preppers too!


MtRider ...thanks for bringing this to our attention, Scrubbie.  :wave:

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They are now saying that the main part of this storm affected a path 240 miles long.  Jonesboro, AR to Tupelo, MS.  In a location on the north side of Memphis/Shelby County, they showed an area 200 yards in diameter where the trees were laid over in the middle of a wooded area.  Something about the wind coming straight down. 


Still over 40,000 customers without power.  Lots of burglaries and lots of businesses that are going to having trouble opening up again.  Plenty of people without insurance or way to get trees out of their yard or off their houses.  The city only takes care of the roads and the power company clears the power lines.  Other things are the responsibility of the homeowner.

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  an area 200 yards in diameter where the trees were laid over in the middle of a wooded area.  Something about the wind coming straight down. 


Probably what we call out here....a downburst.  A smaller one of those burst our neighbor's horse shelter into a gazillion pieces and threw them all into our pasture.  Air moves like an 'L' ..... comes straight down and hits earth and zips sideways along the ground.  Capable of massive destruction.  Nasty! 


MtRider....how many were hurt in all this?  :pray:

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Ach, yes.  That's what we call it here too, Ambergris.  :wacko:


MtRider  ....can I be done thinking for the next week or two?  :buttercup:

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Haven't heard of any serious injuries but some people had to leave their houses by the windows.


Here they are calling it straight line winds.  Some areas of Shelby County have some OLD, LARGE trees.  They showed a picture of a large white oak that was supposed to be over 100 years old.  It shattered.  The woman walking next to it was dwarfed by it.


As of today, there are 35,000 customers still without  power.  The forecast high for today for Memphis is 90.


People that use SNAP benefits are lined up around the block to get replacement benefits to replace the food they lost due to the power outage.  Their power had to be off more than 12 hours.


There was damage in other areas nearby but not much on the news about them. Of course, the TV news comes out of Memphis and the local paper is a part of the USA Today network so other areas don't get a lot of notice.

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