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My first kraut

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Our first head of cabbage was picked this am and is now happily fermenting.  For some strange reason I have never made my own kraut. Also strangely, DH did the chopping for me and he never gets in the kitchen. I guess his Germaness was coming out. lol:laughkick:

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Are you making it  by the jar, or by the crock?  I'm planning on making my own this year, the store stuff is just too salty (I can taste they use waaaay ,more than I do.  Plus my home made is less tart.  Nice to taste something else in the meal with the kraut.

Nice Job, Mr. Momo.....German fellows like to wield sharp things, and chop, chop. chop.  I'd help with more German, but I only know police commands and cuss words!  ...."HALT!, Polizei! Heben Sie die Hände über den Kopf und bewegen sich nicht!"

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