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The lowest temperature this summer for us had been 92 degrees....the highest 108. :knary:   It's just been too hot to cook inside  so I broke out the solar oven for delicious ribs. Anyone else using the energy of the sun?



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Today the high is supposed to be 104...it's 100 right now. Way to hot to cook inside. I put my solar cooker outside at 10:30 to heat up. It went from zero to 250 in 20 minutes. I did another batch of short ribs I got from our local Savemart in the discount bin. $2 for each package. I bought five and threw some in the freezer. Also cooked up some garlic rolls that I have in the freezer.  In a conventional cooker they take about 6 to 7 minutes.  In the solar cooker I checked after 10 minutes and then flipped them over so they could brown a bit.  It took about 23 minutes for them to be ready. 







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