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Miles and more for sometime in June to July 15, 2017


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Now to catch you all up on some of the stuff.  

On the 6th of June Gary had a pet scan and it was inconclusive.      There were spots on it and they were not sure what they were.      It could be left over of pneumonia or could be a bit of COPD or it could still be cancer.      Therefore on July 20th he will be going for a CT scan.  

Minnie did damage the knee again and we still haven’t decided what to do.     She is almost 12 years old, so how much longer will she live.      She is getting around good now but, then on the other hand, she could do better if she had the surgery again.     Of course it would cost another arm and leg as well as she would have to stay in boarding for another 4 weeks and that gets expensive too.     I think we are just waiting a while and will talk to the vet again later on.   

I have a cousin about 2 hours from here and one of my nieces and I went to visit her in June and then later on Gary, our DD and I went back up to see her.   

I am now doing my pace maker every month so it seems to be getting closer to time for a new one.  

Our oldest son’s youngest son was here for 2 weeks and DS came last Thursday and they left Saturday morning.

Our youngest son’s youngest son was here from Sunday the 9th of July to Friday the 14th of July.      We took him back half way to Fargo.    We had a nice time at a Pizza Hut with our 3 kids, as well as the two grandsons and also the oldest son of our youngest son and his girlfriend.      I will have to get a picture of our group there. 

The county fair was held last week and we picked up our things yesterday, July 16th.       I will put pictures in sometime within the next couple weeks.    


Ok, now for the miles I have done for the past month or so. 

The week of June 10th I walked 27.37 miles.   

The week of June 24th I walked 23.22 miles.                                               

The week of July 1st I walked 22.58 miles.

The week of July 8th I walked 28.62 miles

The week of July 15th I walked 25.08 miles. 


Remember, I had to put in a lot of miles while baking and such for the fair. 

Oh yes, to top it all off, I got a good burn on my right index finger while making hard candy for the fair.   

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