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Canning Cole Slaw

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Just wondering about canning cole slaw. I know there is a Ball recipe for canning it where it is sort of pickled. Not 'sort of' it is. I like that well enough but I saw a video of a woman who said she takes the canned slaw and when she serves it she adds mayo to make a creamy cole slaw.


Has anyone ever done that? Does it taste too pickled and not like regular store bought creamy type slaw?


Then I wondered (Uh-Oh) could you just can the shredded veggie parts ie; cabbage, carrots, onion and bell peppers together in a jar and add the mayo when you open it? Pack the jars, add clear water and pressure can. I suppose you should do the salt it down, refrigerate and squeeze out the excess water first though, huh? Don't know.


Either way, pickled or plain, it will still be canned so I know it won't be crunchy which is fine with me. Wonder if the cabbage would get too strong. I wish I had more time to experiment with it but I just don't right now.


The woman is an Aussie so her idea of slaw and American type slaw might be different. I don't know about that one either.

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Jeepers - Was that the Australian lady She's a Bottler's video?  I saw that recently and wondered about it too. Basically she is just pickling the veggies so it should be okay I guess.  Like the piccalilli relish on the Ball web site -https://www.freshpreserving.com/piccalilli-relish-|-piccalilli-relish-recipe---ball-fresh-preserving-br1134.html

 I personally think it would be a bit soggy and too vinegary for my taste.  I like my cole slaw crunchy and more sweet than vinegary.

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Yes, that's who it was. I couldn't think of her name when I posted. Righty-O!  


She used a common recipe and said she just adds mayo when she serves it but I think it would be to vinegary for my taste. My MIL used to make it back in the 70's and froze it and it was called freezer slaw. Nothing like traditional 'cole slaw'.  RELISH. That's the word that describes it best.


That's what got me thinking about canning up just the veggies together and then adding the mayo when it's opened. But thinking about a canned carrot...it probably would be too soft for a traditional cole slaw. Maybe I'll try some this winter with pickle crisp added to the jar?

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Ive done the pickled slaw - I thought it was OK, but I drained and rinsed off a bit of the vinegar.  Then I put it in a colander, drained reeeeeealy well, and stirred in some mayo type dressing.  It was not quite as crunchy as cole slaw, but it was not like cooked cabbage either; kinda in between.

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