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Bugs as alternative protein source

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I am not trying to be funny...this is a real question...anybody here know anything about eating bugs? I know they are a major food source for many people on the planet and are plentiful and easy to obtain... but it seems not many people are into it in this country.I am always curious on what is available around me as a resource and there are always insects. I figured if anybody had an answer you ladies would. Types , preparation, opinions ...anyone?

I have been made fun of before for asking this:shrug:

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:animal0017:......I wouldn't make fun of anyone with the guts to get this knowledge and plan to use if ...if necessary. 


I seem to remember that arachnids are not a good choice.  More worm/grub/beetle....are edible.  :yuk:


:sigh:  ...I reallly truly hope and pray that I don't have to consider this food source.



MtRider  ...not ever been that hungry....yet.  

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I hope we never get to that point too but who knows.


I've seen TV shows about people frying grubs and eating them. Probably in Africa. For me...I think I'd probably roast them and then grind them up into a powder and then add them to something else like gravy or something brown like soup or stew so I don't really notice them. And tell myself they are really finely ground nuts.


I think the key, for me, would be to start adding them to other food before that food ran out so I wouldn't have to eat them solo. If that was all I had to eat I'd probably do a lot of swallowing them whole.


Nudging myself to keep canning and storing my own food. Shudder.

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I've had roasted meal worms, earthworms a few ways, some kind of mildly sweet white grubs from inside a rotting log, roasted grasshoppers, chopped ants, maybe others I can't recall offhand.  This is Florida. Bugs are everywhere.  

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